Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque is the worst idea yet!


Moslems, shhh be nice…

Talk about pouring salt on a wound. When are we going to stop catering to the Moslems? Why should the Moslems have priority over any other group? Why should we tip toe around the Moslems? How can the people allow a mosque to be built basically next door to the worst terrorist attack perpetrated by radical moslems on U.S. soil? This is insanity and should be stopped immediately!

The bleeding heart liberals…

Ah, the bleeding heart liberals say it is their 1st amendment right to build the Cordoba House. Where were the bleeding heart liberals when people where forced to stop flying the American Flag or they would be evicted from their homes, condos, apartments? The claims were, “It is offensive to some people.” How about the fireman who’s job was in jeopardy, who was forced to take off an American Flag sticker off his locker because it offended some people?

More offensive complaints…

Better yet, people in Detroit complaining about the church bells being to loud and offensive and should be stopped. How about people being arrested for praying? Graduation ceremony speaker being canceled because of a traditional prayer which has taken place for years and might be offensive to some?

A simple solution…

If people are offended by such a simple display of patriotism or being American, the Cordoba House blueprints should be used to start a bonfire at the local campground! This is beyond offensive!

I’m an American…

Last time I check this is America and the American Flag is the nation’s flag. If it offends you, please leave the country! English is the nation’s language, not Arabic, Spanish or any other language. We need to stop this ethnic sensitivity immediately!

Your Right…

I have nothing against ethnic diversity. When you come to this country legally, you have the Right to be an American. You don’t have the right to come here and force your political agenda or religious agenda on this Great Nation. Our Country should not bend and cater to your beliefs and desires. You do have the Right to believe what you want and to pursue your desires as long as they don’t infringe on other peoples’ Rights or cause undue hardship on others!

The Constitution…

The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to protect its people and their inalienable Rights! The Constitution was not created for individuals or groups to find ways to subvert it, exploit loop holes to meet their agenda. This was never their intent. Any attempts to circumvent the Constitution should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The bleeding heart liberals are doing a good job exploiting the loop holes!

The man of many faces…


So who is behind the $100-million Ground Zero Cordoba House Mosque? The man is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a Kuwait-born cleric of Egyptian background. He is a prominent member of a Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization which helped sponsor the pro-Palestinian activists flotilla and initiated a deadly clash with Israeli forces in May. He is linked to the Malaysian Jew hater Mahathir bin Mohamad. Ties to Iranian clerical dictatorship. He is associated with the pro-Hamas chief of the Arab League. Believes the U.S. was partially responsible for the 9/11 attacks due to U.S. policies.

Let’s not forget the Mrs…


Let’s meet the bride. Her name is Daisy Khan. She is the niece of Dr. Farooq Khan who is a former leader of the Westbury Mosque on Long Island. This is a center for Islamic radicals and has links on its website to the paramilitary Islamic Circle of North America. This is the front on American soil for the Pakistani jihadist Jamaat e-Islami.

Sounds like a nice couple you would want to invite over for dinner!



I’m sure as time passes, we will discover the financial connections associated with the local government and politicians. There is always a link to corruption buried somewhere. We will find it in due time.

Some ideas…

I would be all for building a memorial museum or a Jewish Bingo Center. You could build a Catholic Church or some other Church, maybe a medical center. The possibilities are infinite! To build a mosque to remind the victims of 9/11 of your peaceful people is just a flat out insult and should not be tolerated!

In closing…

This is just blatant disregard to the emotional scars and damage to the families and victims of this horrific and tragic event. This act was perpetrated by a group of cowards.

Yes, you do have the Right to build a mosque, but not near the sacred ground your very own people destroyed so many lives!

The Seekers of Truth

Ground Zero Mosque

Some additional Resources…


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No mosque at Ground Zero

Some Videos…

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Leader of Ground Zero Mosque Refuses To Disclose Source Of Funding

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Ground Zero Mosque

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