flag - Death Of The Republic

The Death of the Republic

A tragedy occurred on November the 6th, 2012. The Republic was lost!

The People chose a Welfare Nation over Traditional Values and Ethics!

The People chose to ignore an impending economic collapse!

They wanted inferior socialized medicine over the best healthcare in the World! They believe illegal aliens deserve the best healthcare for free. Even though in reality, they are criminals due to violation of Federal Immigration Laws. They have this convoluted belief they should be rewarded!

The People chose to cut healthcare for the elderly in order to provide healthcare for the illegals and people who don’t want healthcare.

The People chose to over look the President’s short comings, to ignore the lies and rhetoric. The class warfare, class division, demonizing the successful, petty politics all ignored by the liberal and the entitled!

All of this done to create the illusion of looking out for the middle class and poor, when in reality, this is where the war is being waged! Just look at the statistics. Numbers don’t lie!

The People chose class warfare and racism over equality. The Republic has been set back decades when it comes to racial equality. The President received 98-99% of the Black vote. The main stream media kept reminding us, “ If you don’t vote for the President, you are racist!” Who is the racist?

The masses believe the Occupy movement was justified. They believe they shouldn’t have to work hard, but they are entitled to reap the benefits of those who have sacrificed everything. Since when is working hard and becoming successful justify being demonized? This is what built this country and made it the Greatest Nation on Earth!

The People chose to believe the Government can solve all problems through policies and massive regulations and create a utopia for all. The masses through stupidity haven’t come to the realization, the Government has failed at every attempt doing anything successful other than spending other peoples money! The Government is the problem!

The women were led to believe and they bought the line, “War on Women!” The war on women is being waged by the liberals. Women were told to vote with their private parts in mind. The were told abortions would be banned, birth control would be banned. The sad reality, they bought it hook, line and sinker! Truly tragic the women believed the rhetoric and lowered their self-worth.

Little do the people realize there are just over 1-million abortions performed in the US every year! Such a tragedy to waste innocent life! Imagine if Pelosi, Reid and Obama were aborted! We wouldn’t be having this discussion!

Truly amazing the liberals appose the war in Afghanistan and make sure people know 4000-brave men and women have died over the course of 10-years. Yet they fail to mention these 4000-heros are trained to kill, carry guns and looking for an enemy which is determined to kill them!  Yet they don’t think twice about killing 1-million unborn babies! Truly appalling people would even contemplate such disregard for innocent human life! Where is the outrage?

The lunatics chose Clinton as the spokesman for the war on women rhetoric. How insane is it to chose a former disbarred, Impeached President, who has been accused of rape by multiple women, not to mention the Lewinske scandal, which brought him down, as the face of this fictitious war?

The People chose to believe the President will protect the middle class and the poor, but can’t protect 4-Americans in Benghazi! To this day, the Administration is denying, spinning, misleading the people what truly happened there! The Administration rather than call it a terrorist attack, chose to convince the fools, the uprising was all due to a YouTube video! Any individual with half a brain can figure out any attack on September 11th against this country is not the result of Youtube! Yet you bought it! Where is the outrage?

As the result, the Muslim population in this country wants legislation to prohibit any derogatory language towards Islam and Sharia! The Muslim population wants to stifle Free Speech because it offends them. If it offends you, get the Hell out of American because you don’t belong here!

The People bought the mantra, “Pay your fair share!” Just who in the hell is paying their fair share of Taxes? Who isn’t paying their fair share? The top 10% pay 80% of the taxes! The bottom 50% pay no Federal Taxes! Who is being fair here? The bottom 50% should pay Federal Taxes! Is it fair the upper 50% carry the bottom half? Is it fair the bottom 50% demand the people who support their handouts pay more? I think not!

Where is the individual’s self-pride, self-worth, self-respect? Where is the individual’s self-responsibility? Why can’t the individual accept responsibility for their own destiny? Why do these leaches feel they didn’t have anything to do with their own circumstance and they are victims? Yes, sometimes things are beyond our control, but in a majority of cases it is temporary condition! It is your responsibility to pick up the pieces and move on or parish! It is not the People’s responsibility or the Government’s role to protect the lazy and the and the self-proclaimed, “Victims.”

The People chose to ignore our Illegal Immigration crises! Where is the outrage illegals are treated as citizens and welcomed with open arms and they take all the handouts they can get? Then they have the audacity to protest because they aren’t getting enough! Try this in Mexico or Canada! The Illegals are criminals and should be rounded up and deported not rewarded!

The Democrats have this all figured out. The more Illegals, the more votes they will get due to the entitlements they receive. Their goal is to sedate the takers which will never vote to bite the hand which feeds them! Once the scale is tipped in their favor and the takers out number the creators, the liberals will be able to stay in power until the inevitable collapse!

It is truly shocking Obama never won one state which photo ID was required to vote! It explains why Holder was suing states over voter ID laws. Could it be all the Illegals were lining up to vote in order to receive their handouts? Any correlation to running ads in Mexico, “How to get foods stamps from the US Government.”

How about the scam perpetrated on the American People, the “Anchor Babies!” This has turned into a very profitable business in America. Illegals are encourage to come here to America and have their babies in-order for the babies to become US Citizens and extort the Welfare system here.

The liberals claim the Constitution allows this. The 14th Amendment has been taken out of context. Its sole intent was to deal with African Americans not illegal immigrants who come here for the sole purpose to extort benefits from the US Government under the false pretense of being a citizen due to birth right!

Illegal aliens cost US Tax Payers Billions of dollars annually to support them. This is all so the liberals can gain more votes in-order to grow the Government bigger and bigger!

Why do the Democrats believe in this false utopia which can never be achieved? Why do the Democrats think they can create equality when it is not possible? How stupid can an individual be to believe this is possible? Why do the Democrats believe the Government is the solution when in reality, they are the problem as history has shown time and time again?

The masses chose to believe the false notion, “You didn’t build it!” The Government is responsible for all the success out there. No rational human being with half a brain can believe this! Yet the blind, entitled masses chose to accept this false notion.

It is truly amazing the hatred and jealousy against the people who made this Country what it is. All of this being done to further the liberal agenda. To believe these very people, who make your paycheck possible, must be punished. To create the illusion they are evil, is appalling!

The only rational explanation for, “You didn’t build it,” would pertain to the Lobbyists of the giant conglomerates who have paid off the politicians to monopolize their market and to squeeze out the “little guy!”

Why must this “War on Capitalism” be waged? It is through Capitalism and Free Markets which has made this the greatest Country on Earth! Yet the entitled feel they deserve everything without work and effort. They believe it is their Right! Truly delusional thinking!

The Unions which were founded originally to protect from abuse are now the “Abusers!” The demise of the Countries manufacturing is directly correlated to the unions. Don’t believe me, come to Detroit and take a tour! I hope you are a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment!

Detroit use to be the envy of the Nation, but now it is the joke of the Nation! The big three auto manufactures decided rather than to give into the rising financial demands of the union, moved their manufacturing elsewhere. Now, your so called, “American Made,” vehicle is really manufactured from parts from all over the World and only assembled in the US.

Look at the Teachers Union. This is a classic example of the effects of a union. Our educational system ranks very near the bottom! The US is one of, if not the most Technologically advanced Nation in the World. The sad reality, our educational system is virtually a complete failure!

The unions have become nothing but a political funding mechanism for the Democrats. Promising votes to the liberals to ensure bailouts and future bailouts! No Taxpayer should ever have to bailout any union. Nobody bails out the individual!

The People chose to continue the “War on the Constitution!” Rather than defend the very Founding Principles, which ensures our individual sovereignty, you choose to dismantle piece by piece. Never have we had a President who has such blatant disregard for the Constitution!

The Democrats try to create this utopian illusion of equality which is nonexistent! They believe they can bypass the Constitution to promote this false notion. They believe this can be done without accountability.  All you have to do is look at history and see the Nations which have tried and failed. Nature doesn’t work this way and neither can Man!

There will be a tremendous price to be paid! The entitled, the lazy, the perpetrators of this delusional thinking will pay dearly. It is not our law, but Nature’s Law! This Law is inescapable!

The Seekers Of Truth

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