The Faces of Racism…

faces of racism 300x300 - The Faces of Racism...

We are more racially divided now than we were 30-yrs ago! This can be attributed to our President Obama and the Democrat Party. We also can’t forget Eric Holder for fueling racial tensions any chance he gets.

It is truly deplorable how our President, his administration, and the Democrat Party use racism to push their political agenda! When in reality, Obama and the Democrats are the ones who are racist. They love to fuel racial tensions to manipulate the masses to push their political agenda.

How ironic is it, the Democrats are the ones who refused to abolish slavery? Just read about the Civil War 1861-1865 to confirm this simple fact! The Supreme Court ruled Slavery was acceptable. How sad is this fact? The Democrats are responsible for segregation! The Klu Klux Klan is an offshoot of the Democrat Party.

With the above mentioned facts, every Black American should be a hard core Republican! The Republicans are ones who freed the Slaves. Today Obama and the Democrat Party are enslaving Black Americans with entitlements! Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make money race baiting? Apparently they are not aware of the above mentioned facts!

Why does the Democrat Party promote racism and use it as tool to promote their political ideology and manipulate the masses? Where is the outrage? Why hasn’t Obama, his administration and the Democrats been called on this and punished politically and criminally?

Why are only the Democrats allowed to use racism and get away with it? Why haven’t Black Americans risen against the Democrats? Could it be all the free handouts are keeping them quite?

Why do the Democrats express such hatred toward any Black American Conservative? Why is there such a double standard? Where is the outrage?

Why did Obama get 90% of the Black vote? Sounds like racism to us!

Professors and a handful of students protested against having Dr. Condoleezza Rice giving a commencement speech at Rutgers University. They insisted she was a war criminal. Why isn’t the Democrat Party screaming racism? It couldn’t be because she is a Conservative is it?

Dr. Condoleezza Rice is a remarkable women and serves as a great inspirational individual who overcame great adversity! The students at Rutger University should’ve been honored and grateful to have someone of such high caliber take the time to speak them and inspire them!

Rutgers lowered their public perception as a credible University! Truly shows the mentality of the staff, students and their view of society and ideology. Shows racism is alive and well at Rutger’s!

Obama could’ve broken the racial divide further as President. Instead, he along with the Democrats, set the Country back 30-years and have fueled racial tensions. Obama could’ve been remembered as a great President. Instead he chose and will be remembered as the worst President in modern times. A radical, racially divisive President who has weakened the Country in so many ways. We are a joke on the World stage. Perceived was weak and turn on our allies! Thanks to Obama and his polices, we are on the verge of an Economic Collapse.

Wake up Black Americans!

Wake up America!

The Seekers of Truth

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