Android and Google Chrome users lookout!

android - Google And Your Privacy!

Google is tracking your every move and browsing habits and quietly building a data base. Once you are in the system, good luck trying to get out.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system originally developed by Android Inc. The firm was later purchased by Google in 2005. Google chose to get into the mobile market due to the rise of smart phones. Future projections indicate smart phones will out number the use of computers by a wide margin. They are more readily available worldwide than traditional computers and laptops.

Smart Phone Explosion…

The technology and capabilities of these smart phones is growing at a rapid pace. It is through these technological breakthroughs your privacy is being compromised on a daily basis and this information is for sale! Your phone number is made public, your whereabouts are know through GPS tracking chip, your browsing habits are recorded and stored for multiple demographic statistical analysis which are available for marketing and other purposes.

The New Future Of Computing?

In certain circles it is believed smart phones will eventually replace computers. I highly doubt this will happen! The younger generation does have a tendency to spend more time with their smart phones texting and browsing. For us older people, the small screens and small keys really make these technological marvels a great big pain.

AdMob, No, Not Cousin Vinny…

Google purchased AdMob in November 2009 for 750 million. AdMob is a mobile advertising company which sells advertising space on mobile phones. AdMob allows me to create ads based on phone types, age, location, time of day you browse, what you browse. It would shock you all the information available to specifically target. There are plenty of these mobile advertising companies which offer the same information. It is claimed this is next big marketing wave. Again I disagree. I started and tested this form of marketing over a year ago. I can tell you it is not a profitable endeavor regardless of what the so called gurus tell you! The point is, the amount of information Google and various other mobile advertising networks have on you would shock you! This information is all available thanks to your smart phone.

chrome - Google And Your Privacy!

Google Chrome…

Google Chrome’s first public stable release was in December 2008. As of now it is the third most widely used browser. If the public only knew the privacy they’ve surrendered to Google to record your daily browsing habits and personal data! All of this data made available to us marketers and trackers for a fee! Yes, once you are in their data base, your privacy has been compromised. You will never get out of their data base!

The Social Butterflies…

For all you social butterflies who love to post your pictures and personal information on all the various social networking sites, you’ve opened a door which can’t be closed. You have exposed yourself to the world, your employers, snoops, trackers, data harvesters, you name it! You are fair game now! It all falls under the umbrella of public information. This has become a great concern if you are a parent and your kids frequently visit these social sites and exchange personal information.

Yes, the internet is a powerful thing, but it is a double edged sword which can be used against you by Google and the likes!

Tips To Protect…

Some tips to protect your privacy.

Clear the browser history of your smart phone and empty the cache and all cookies. These are used to track you! Turn off your location in your phones settings. This is where you have the option to turn on GPS tracking and location. Don’t enter your credit card information on your phone!

Get rid of Google Chrome ASAP! Use FireFox which is the best browser out there! Make sure to go to the security tab and setup the settings to clear cache, cookies and history when you close the browser. Most people never clear their cookies. This allows you to be tracked anywhere on the internet!

Use a proxy server to really throw a curve ball to the hounds. You can pay for this service or their are free programs out there which will guard your IP address. Do a search and you’ll find plenty of them.

For the social butterflies, get rid of your picture and get 10-20 other pictures and upload a different image every few weeks. Yes, you may think it is acceptable for you put your face out there and personal information thinking it makes people feel warm and fuzzy, but I assure you, your face and your personal information, whether you believe it or not will be used against you at some point! Don’t believe otherwise!

Google is not your friend! They are harvesting peoples browsing habits, history, personal data and are making it available to marketers and various other entities for a profit via the internet and your Android!

The Seekers Of Truth

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