gun control - Gun Control!

Gun Control!

Gun Control is just flat out insanity!

The liberals along with the Government want to take your 2nd Amendment Right away due to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They are hell bent to quickly pass some kind of legislation while emotions run high.

This is the liberals tactic of forcing non sensical legislation! While emotions are high, the liberals believe individuals will surrender their rights under the false premise, the Government will protect you and make things safer. Never mind the Government can’t protect our Ambassador in Benghazi or protect our very own borders!

This was a horrific incident which transpired at Sandy Hook! The fatalities would’ve been minimal if just some common sense protection measures would’ve been in place. No fatality is acceptable!

Why couldn’t some individuals been armed at that school? Why the great fear of a hunk of metal concealed on an individual? What kind of shallow minded individual would think calling 911 and you are safe knowing the average response time is 15-minutes if you are lucky? Is it any wonder so many senseless deaths of innocent children happened? Why did it take 20+minutes for the police to arrive? This proves case and point if you are not ready, being a victim is almost a certainty!

It is beyond obvious the boy was mentally disturbed, but due to our “Politically Correct Society,” we didn’t want to hurt his feelings about his mental condition! However, it was ok for his feelings to to destroy innocent children and destroy people’s lives! What kind of sick societal rational is this?

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When you look at Sandy Hook. Colorado movie theater shooting, Virginia Tech and Columbine shooting, a common denominator is present in all cases! These individuals were all mentally disturb. Any logical, rational human being would come to the conclusion, this is where the primary focus should be, “ Mental Illness!”

It is purely irrational to believe, if you take away guns from law abiding citizens, shootings like this will never happen! It is a proven fact, guns save more lives than take!

Criminals don’t follow the Law. They could care less. Should we not be able to protect ourselves from this scourge of society? If you believe you shouldn’t be able too, than you need to be a victim one time! I guarantee you, you will change your mind forever!

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It is a proven fact, where gun laws are the strictest, more lives are taken! Indisputable!

The liberals want you to believe quite the contrary! They want you to believe the Government can create this utopia and everybody will be safe. How sick are you to believe this?

Why do we have the 2nd Amendment? The Founding Fathers knew, with power comes tyranny! In order for individuals to protect themselves from a tyrannical Government, individuals need the ability to protect themselves. The Founding Fathers also believed individuals have the Right to protect themselves and property from harm!

The Bill of Rights was adopted December 15th, 1791. The 2nd Amendment was put in place stating, “The Right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed!” This doesn’t grant any individual the Right to ban guns, any Government the Right to ban guns!

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In reality, we are living under a soft tyranny as we speak. You are truly a fool to believe otherwise! I challenge any individual to name one thing which isn’t controlled, regulated in someway by the Government!

The Founding Fathers never created the Constitution to strip individuals of their God Given Rights! The Constitution was created to control the Government and protect the individuals from the Government!

The liberals would like you to forget this fact and strip your Rights down to nothing! They would like you to believe, Government knows what is best for you.

How disturbing to hear Obama and Biden say, “ If we save one life, the fight was worth it!” What kind of sick, convoluted, delusional thinking is this? Is it rational to strip every sane individual of the Right to protect themselves to save 1-life? Is it rational to allow thousands of innocent individuals die because of the inability to protect themselves from criminals? If you answer yes, a full mental evaluation and a medication treatment plan is in order for you!

Did we ban airplanes after 911? The hijackers only had box cutters. Did we ban doctors since they are responsible for approximately 1-million deaths per year caused by medical malpractice? Did we ban doctors since they kill 1-million babies per year through abortion? Did we ban Smart cars since they are responsible for hundreds of deaths due too their light weight construction? Did we ban alcohol since thousands of people die every year getting run over by drunks? Did we ban bathtubs since about 1500 kids die per year drowning?

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No, lets ban guns! They are scary! For the ill informed, why do you think no Country has tried to attack America? I assure you, it is not because we are kind and gentle! It is because our enemy knows our country is armed! Fact!

These tragedies will always happen. There is no escape as history has taught us! Regardless what the liberals say!

Mental illness is the root cause behind these tragedies. The Politically Correct Society would like you to believe these mentally ill individuals are not a menace to society.

After speaking to numerous psychiatric professionals, Autistic and Asperger patients can be a very serious threat. They have told me of numerous instances of uncontrollable rage by these patients, especially when they get fixated on something.

Yet the politically correct crowd tries to pursued the masses, these individuals are harmless! When realistically, these patients are a walking threat and can snap at anytime! It is no wonder how such a tragedy can happen.

We need to ban certain mental illnesses. We need to ban liberalism. We need to ban political correctness! We need to ban individuals who try to take our God Given Rights away!

The People need their guns to protect themselves from these sick individuals and criminals!

The Seekers Of Truth

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