Babbling Idiot - Harry Reid The Babbling Idiot!

The Babbling Idiot!

I hope the people of Nevada are proud of this babbling idiot! How could the people of Nevada elect this moron and allow him to serve for 27-years? Maybe being the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission prior to his election and receiving contributions and support from some influential people! Nah, couldn’t be!

Nevada unemployment rate is 8.5%. Illegal immigrants composed 7.2% of the population of Nevada in 2010 which is higher than any State when viewed as a percentage of population. Nevada is in the top 10% of the States with highest foreclosure. Nevada ranks as the #2 most dangerous State in America with a poverty rate of 16.4%. Nevada ranks #15 in the welfare programs it offers to its residents. Way to represent and help your State Harry!

How could the people of Nevada keep re-electing such an incompetent fool? Here is a man who doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Believes in big Government and Government is the solution to everything! Believes in Socialism and wealth redistribution. Doesn’t believe in the Rule of Law.

This is a man who hates Capitalism. Believes in Welfare expansion in order to garner more votes for the Democrats. This babbling idiot is trying to push amnesty for all the Illegal Aliens to get more Democrat votes. He is constantly trying to get more and more handouts for Illegal Aliens. He opposes photo id’s for voting in order to get more illegal votes! His philosophy, grow the base with Illegal Aliens, promise handouts and protection to grow Government bigger and keep the Democrats in power.

This despicable man will lie at every chance he gets and go unchecked by the media. He doesn’t think twice lying about individuals with the opposing view or opposing Party! He has no compassion for people. This was clearly demonstrated when the Government shut down for a brief period. He was more concerned about his staffers and Government employees getting paid than terminally ill children getting funding. What kind of human being would have such twisted view of Government priorities?

He is responsible for passing Obama Care under the cover of darkness! He used Reconciliation to pass the bill which is only reserved for Budgetary Bills. He had the audacity to pass such a massive bill without even reading it! What kind of moron would do such a thing? He knew full well this bill is Unconstitutional! The Government can never force individuals to purchase products or services!

For you bleeding heart liberals who believe this is the Law according to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court ruled slavery was legal, segregation was legal, Japanese internment camps were legal. Who says 9-justices know all and have the right to alter everyone’s life? The Constitution never intended for the Supreme Court to have such power! For 9-individuals who are prone to character flaws and human errors to make such life altering decisions was never envisioned by the Founding Fathers. It was not their intent to grant such power upon a single body!

Under the Constitution, the Judicial branch was viewed as the weakest branch. The Judicial branch was not suppose to have the end all be all power! Due to Judicial Activism today, the Justices vote based on ideology rather being a originalist!

How could such a babbling idiot force Obama Care on every individual, but get exemptions and subsidies for all of Congress and Congressional Staffers? His claim, they can’t afford it, but you can if you make 40k per year!

This man believes enslaving people through Welfare handouts to secure their vote. How could an individual vote against free handouts? Once individuals get addicted to handouts, they never want to give them up.

These are but a few reasons why this man must go. This man alone is why the 17th Amendment must be repealed and term limits imposed! This man clearly abuses his power. This man needs to be prosecuted for all his Constitutional Violations. He needs to be removed, pension revoked, all benefits forfeited!

To be fair, Republican leaders are just as guilty in other matters and should be equally punished! All these career politicians must go!

In closing, we hope you people of Nevada are proud of your dysfunctional Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

The Seekers of Truth

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