Hillary For President?

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Hillary for President?
If the above video doesn’t turn your stomach, nothing will! The above 2-minute video tells you exactly who the Clinton’s truly are! They never accept the blame for anything. They love to deny and play the victim.

The Benghazi scandal should be the final nail in the demise of the Clinton Era! Once the investigation committee does a thorough unobstructed investigation, Hillary and Obama will be truly exposed of their dereliction of duty and true incompetence.

Hillary will be exposed as an incompetent and arrogant Secretary of State who neglected her duties. She had no business being assigned such a high position in Government.

Nobody can come up with one thing Hillary accomplished successfully as Secretary of State. Everything she put here hands on, an utter disaster! The Middle East a complete failure and totally destabilized. North Korea more powerful than ever and gaining ground in nuclear weapon technology while abusing its citizens through torture, starvation and executions. Asia a complete mess. Russia another disaster which is escalating. Europe a total mess. South America and relations with Mexico a total failure.

If you go back all the way to the Governor’s mansion, you will see a persistent pattern of corruption, deceit and legal controversies which persist through today. The Clinton’s have an insatiable thirst for power and will stop at nothing. The sad part, they always seem to get away with it.

Hillary has strategically played the role as a victim to climb the ladder of power. She along with the media, have always played the sympathy card in the quest for power. Like fools, the public buys it and believes it! Regardless of her incompetence in every political position, she is portrayed as being a success. The media creates the illusion, she was the best or one of the best every! An absolutely despicable display of media bias to protect and promote liberals!

Now back to Secretary of State, she was traveling around the World speaking about Women’s Rights. Why? To strategically position her for election as President. The intent is to promote the “War on Women” mantra. This has been the strategy all along to exploit this phony “War on Women.”

This phony war has been created by the liberals to exploit women. The only war being waged on women, is by the liberals! They are the ones guilty of exploiting women for the political gains! Yet, the masses are too ignorant to truly understand this tactical ploy to manipulate women, and garner the sympathetic vote!

The liberals number one strategy, to play the victim or create a false illusion of victim hood, and exploit it to the extremes. They love to exploit this strategy, even when in reality, they are the ones creating the victims due to their policies! Once one sees and realizes this ploy, they truly see what fools the liberals are and how dangerous this sick behavior is. They love to play on peoples’ emotions. They will exploit it to the extremes!

How stupid and arrogant is it to have Bill Clinton as the face of “War on Women” campaign? Are people truly this stupid to believe this man is all for the protection of Women’s Rights? I’m afraid of the answer!

Apparently, the people have forgotten about Monica Lewinski. Apparently people forgot Bill was impeached, and his credibility for championing Women’s Rights is an absolute insult to women!

From the days at the Governor’s mansion and countless women being brought for Bills sexual exploitation to the White House sexcapades. The accusations of rape by multiple women, this man is by no means, a protector of Women’s Rights! The liberals should pay a tremendous political price for such a stupid hoax perpetrated upon women!

The sick reality, Hillary has used Bill’s shortcoming to exploit sympathy and rise to power! Hillary knew all along what Bill was doing! She won the sympathy vote and became a Senator, which she was a complete failure at, not to mention the scandals involved getting her elected!

No matter where you look, corruption, scandals surround Hillary and Bill and always will! They are poison politically!

Prediction, Chelsea Clinton is now pregnant and will be exploited to spotlight Hillary as a caring, compassionate, and a great choice for being the first woman President! The liberal media will orchestrate this false narrative.

Hillary would be the absolute worst choice for the first woman President! Make no mistake about it.

The people elected the first black President and look where we are now. We have a radical, racially divisive, Marxist imperial President! This imperial President had the chance to break the barriers and unite the people, he instead, divided the masses and put us on the path of economic destruction and created the narrative, “War on Women.” He is a complete failure!

Hillary will be just as bad if not worse as President. Picture Bill running around the White House again. Pretty sick visual to say the least!

Guaranteed, Hillary and the media will exploit the “War on Women” and Chelsea’s pregnancy to reach the Office of the President.

Our opinion, the Clinton’s are politically finished! Benghazi will be the end of Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions!

The Seekers of Truth

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