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Welcome to Internet-Scam-Busters.Com

We are a site which likes to expose the lies, deception of the people for profit or political gains.

We have  zero tolerance for lies!

We don’t care who you are affiliated with! Lie to us or the public and you will be called on it! You will be exposed!

We don’t chose sides. We only seek the truth.

People deserve the truth! We will provide it through research and facts!

We don’t have a political agenda or represent any particular party.

We are neither Democrat or Republican, but Conservative!

Conservatism is a way of life through life experience and reality, not an ideology or utopian fantasy!

We believe in logic and common sense. When applied, will lead to the truth every time.

We don’t care if you get offended. We don’t care for political correctness. We will call it like it is regardless of your feelings.

There is a lot of information on the site on various topics. They should be an eye opener to most. So dig in and explore the site.

Hope you enjoy it!

The Seekers of Truth



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