Illegal Immigration Reform

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We need Illegal Immigration Reform ASAP! However, not as the liberals would lead you to believe needs to happen. The democrat party has truly gone over the edge and has been hijacked by radicals!

The radical liberals create this false narrative, people are crossing our border in desperation and in fear for their life. The liberal biased media helps promote this false illusion by showing pictures and videos of these poor souls. They try to play on the emotions of people and try the oldest trick in the book, they try to make you feel guilty!

Radical liberals portray themselves as the compassionate party. In reality, their agenda is dark and evil. They want a permanent under class which is poor, uneducated and illiterate. Then, they want to shower them with all kinds of benefits, to become dependent on the Government in exchange for their votes! All of this to make the Government larger and more powerful.

Where is the outrage innocent kids are being slaughtered by radical Islamic nut jobs? Kids heads on sticks! Where are the bleeding heart liberals and the media speaking out against this genocide? Apparently the narrative is only applicable to kids, teens and adults illegally crossing the Southern Border. These are potential votes for the Democrats. Political optics is everything to the radical Democratic party!

Why aren’t the liberals promoting European immigration? Could it be they are educated and conservative and it will slow the growth of the Government? These illegal immigrants are not scientists, engineers, doctors, PhD’s. They are coming for free handouts! They know Obama will give them all they need for free!

Since when is it the taxpayer’s responsibility so support illegal immigrants? Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. The bulk of the costs,  some $84 billion, are absorbed by state and local governments.

Illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The fiscal impact per household varies considerably because the greatest share of the burden falls on state and local taxpayers whose burden depends on the size of the illegal alien population. This is total insanity!

Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers., The annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Nearly all of those costs are absorbed by state and local governments.

Can a Government who is in debt over 100-trillion dollars really afford this? Can the States and local Governments bear such a burden? Should a Government which lacks fiscally responsible, has failed to run anything successfully, destroys anything it touches be forcing the legal residents to fund this insanity? We think the answer is clear unless you are a liberal and bought into this utopian ideology!

The President’s Constitutional duty is to protect our Nation’s Sovereignty, protect the Nation’s border and it’s legal citizens! Not to promote illegal immigration for votes, to use racism as a political weapon. To run commercials in Mexico on how to get Government assistance, welfare, food stamps, free health care and the list goes on. Obama has failed his basic obligation to this nation and it’s citizens.

We have a rogue President who believes the Constitution is not applicable to him. The only time the Constitution is applicable for him,  when opposition is present. It is not Obama’s right to determine the Nation’s immigration policy! The power of legislating immigration policy is only by Congress! This power is granted by the Constitution under Article 1 section 8! How can such an arrogant, imperial President Obama say, “If Congress doesn’t act, I will.” Nothing in the Constitution mandates Congress to act!

Our imperial President wants to use executive actions to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. This would constitute a direct violation of the Constitution and would be immediate grounds for impeachment. Obama is guilty of violating the Constitution in numerous ways. The emasculated Republicans are to weak to take a stand and to truly defend the Constitution. The liberals through repetitive babbling have conditioned the Republicans not to take action because of their fears of being called, “Racist.”

Truly sad how the liberals love to use the race card. They love to use the mantra, ” If you don’t like our black President, you are racist!”  In reality, the liberals are the true racist. Just look at history from slavery, segregation to present day. Just the simple fact using racism in a statement, to promote an agenda, demonstrates who is the racist!

Quite entertaining to hear the liberals call Republicans, Conservatives, “Racist, and lacking compassion.” Let’s look at reality. What parent would allow their child travel alone 2000-miles? If this is negligent and criminal, I don’t know what is! If we leave our child unattended in our car for 5-minutes while we run into a store, the police are called, news media is called, Child Protective Serveries called. You get arrested and your child can become custody of the State. If this isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! Where are the parents of these illegal children? Some unfortunately, are here illegally already. Some remain in their South American countries. Where is the outrage?

It is not Americas responsibility to house illegal immigrant children, adults. Americas only responsibility is to allow refuge if genocide is present. All other excuses are just that! American Taxpayers should not be funding these illegal acts! Why must people who want to immigrate legally have to wait 5-10 years for legal access? These people truly want to come here and contribute to society and make something of themselves.

The illegals want nothing, but free handouts! How convoluted is this, Illegal immigrants protesting in the streets for handouts and demanding rights? Their only right is to be deported and imprisoned in their country! Try illegally crossing the border into Mexico and demand welfare, housing, Obama phone, drivers license, free college, free healthcare. Then, for good measure, call them racist! See what happens! Before you do, let us video tape it and put it on YouTube. Chances are you will be beaten, imprisoned and the probability of becoming an organ donor is very high!

Read what the Mexican Constitution says about immigration. Read about immigrating to other South American Countries. You are in for a shock! America should be no different. Presently there are plenty of laws addressing illegal immigration. The problem, lack of enforcement. We don’t need new laws. Typical Washington Bureaucracy, “Forget enforcing, let’s make more laws!” This will surely fix the problem.

Why must we press #1 for Spanish in America? Why should students in American be mandated to learn to speak Spanish? Why must labels in America have Spanish written on them? You are in America. The language is English not Spanish! Be an American and respect this Great Country. Don’t force society to accommodate your laziness! Don’t expect hard working Americans to support your illegal acts. You are a criminal when you cross this border. You have no rights! You are a felon! Don’t like it, get the hell out!

When my late great parents immigrated, they had to assimilate.  Sponsorship was a prerequisite. They came through Ellis Island. They had to learn English, learn about America. Had to learn American History. They were tested before immigration was granted! A number on the keypad was not created to accommodate their European heritage! No labels on products or signs in stores. Why in the hell are we accommodating the Spanish heritage?

Amazing how many thousand illegal immigrants have crossed the border in the last few months to be a burden on Americans! We have one great Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, which is being held in a Mexican prison for accidentally crossing the Mexican border. In the meantime, how many illegals have crossed our border intentionally to extort the American Taxpayer? Where is the justice? Truly shows the liberal agenda and their political intent.

How many terrorists have crossed our porous, unsecured border? Where is Obama? How many diseases have been brought into this country? Why are these criminals allowed to board an aircraft without any identification or security background check? I dare you to go to your big city airport and demand boarding without identification or background check! Now if tell them you are illegal immigrant, all is ok! Don’t ask for ID or you are a racist!

You want illegal immigration reform? Grant Amnesty to the people who have legally waited in line for years. All illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported. But, before deportation takes place, every able illegal alien will help built a massive, high voltage fence, the length of the Southern border. Obama should give a few billion dollars to the Mexican Government to build massive prisons to house all these criminals. No illegal immigrant should be granted Amnesty! They are criminals! They take jobs away from Americans. Their illegal immigration keeps wages low. All businesses which employ illegal aliens should be out of business immediately!

These illegals are a burden to Americans. They don’t deserve a penny from taxpayers. Our kids don’t get free college tuition. They get nothing for being an American! Why should criminals get all the handouts. We have plenty Americans which are poor, homeless and need a helping hand. Why should illegal immigrants be treated better than America’s own citizens.

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