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How many time have you heard it?

I made thousands overnight! It’s easy! I have this special software! Nothing to it! Easy to learn!

Look at my Clickbank statement! Easy to build! Just enter your email here and I’m spam you with all the latest marketing miracles!

I think you get the picture. If it was really this easy, everybody would do it and nobody would have to go to work. We would all be sitting at home or on the beach on some exotic island!

Unfortunately, somebody left out the harsh reality of this illusive business. It sounds great, at least on the web site.

The reality, 95% of the people who attempt internet marketing fail. Sad but true! The guru who sent you an email on the latest cutting edge program forgot to mention this important fact. These gurus know a majority of the people will purchase and try some of the techniques and give up once they see all their efforts have failed to produce results! So these people move on and look for the next new miracle program! The cycle repeats again and again!

Your basic requirements…

Before you begin this adventure, let’s go over some of the skills you need to be proficient at.

You need to find a profitable market worth pursuing. This means lots of competition. Being new, you are technologically behind the 8 ball already! You won’t make money in some low demand, obscure niche!

You need to find profitable keywords. This is a book in itself and an art! You won’t learn this overnight!

You need to register a domain name. You must find a place to host your domain name and create a web site. Web site creation can get very complex! Don’t be fooled by all the hype! Yes, there are some easy ways to create them, but they look like they were created with a point and click such as this site.

Web site developers have spent a lot of time learning their craft. Again, something you don’t learn overnight! Take a look at Amazon’s web site. They have over a 1000 web site designers working at any given time to keep their site up and running. Very clean site, extremely complex under the hood!

You need to learn all about FTP which is not complex till your files start to disappear. Throw in some database management to top it off.

We can’t forget about graphic designing. Another skill which takes years to learn and master! Some people never develop the skill!

We need to learn video production since this is all the rage today. Can be very tedious to learn.

We can’t forget about the art of writing ad copy. The skill which will make or brake any web promotion. Very few people are masters at this art. Good copy writers can charge thousands for basic copy!

The bright side…

All of these tasks can be outsourced. The question, where do you outsource it to, India, Philippines, Asia? What is the cost? How reliable are they? Do they speak and understand fluent English? What kind of other projects have they worked on? How do you manage them and avoid being scammed? These are but a few questions you need answered before you take the easy route!

The fun part, Promotion…

Now the easy part. We just upload our site and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. We wait and wait and wait! Not a dime or a single visit. They didn’t tell you, it’s difficult to drive lots of traffic to your site. You need lots of traffic to make money!

Your new quest. How do I get traffic to my site? You soon discover, you have a choice of traffic generation techniques. You can use the free traffic method or paid traffic technique. You can also use a combination of the two.

Free traffic…

You soon discover when you search for your beautiful web site you created, it can’t be found on any of the search engines! After a while, you realize and learn, if your web site is not on page one of the search engines, your dreams of over night riches goes up in smoke! You can’t make money being on page 10,000!

You stumble upon some information which tells you, you need to learn SEO (search engine optimization) to get better rankings. So you go through your site and optimize it for the search engines. You wait and wait and realize, page 1 is not on the distant horizon for you!

Hopefully you will come to the realization, your top ranking sites are usually the authority sites which have been around for a while.

Paid traffic…

Using Google, Bing and Yahoo sponsored search is effective for driving traffic to your site.

You first need to learn how these programs work. This will take some time! You will need to find keywords which will convert. This is a trial and error process which gets expensive quickly! Trust me, I have spent thousands exploring the possibilities!

You need to learn very quickly your break even point. When you start spending 2-5 dollars per click or more depending on keywords, you don’t have much room for error. It gets very expensive quickly!

You need to realize if you get a 30-dollar commission on a product and as a rule of thumb,  you can expect a 1% conversion, 100 clicks at 2-dollars is a losing proposition! Keep in mind this is based on a highly optimized campaign with an excellent landing page which will convert!

You will soon discover, sponsored search marketing is not good for your pocket book. Great for bringing awareness to your product for the major promoters with deep pockets! Sponsored search for the little guy is becoming a thing of the past. Google has become very picky when it comes to quality score. Google has gotten slap happy with a lot of affiliate marketers and has raised the CPC for many making it difficult to make a profit. Google hates affiliate marketers even though they are responsible for Google’s profitability!

Media Buys…

So you venture into the media buy arena. Again you have to learn how this works. Not something learned over night. So you get your ad creatives or you create banners using your graphic designing skills and start uploading to sites which you hope will produce results. Again if you are lucky, you might have gotten some results. As time passes, you discover this marketing business is not like the gurus said! Frustration sets in and this is where people just walk away. Most people don’t even make it to this point of the game. They give up long before reaching the media buying game!

Social Media Game…

Now we come full circle and realize you have spent a small fortune purchasing traffic and the results are not what you expected!

You have heard all the hype about Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and all of the other social sites out there. So you start playing with these sites hoping you are going to get tons of traffic. Surprise, results are minimal at best!

Let me give you a real life example of a test I did on Twitter. I have over 15,000 targeted followers. I had some priceless free information on a site which basically gave people the keys to the kingdom. I put the word out to see what kind of traffic I could generate with the link. All the gurus said, expect 5% CTR. Checking the site’s stats, I was amazed! Of all the targeted followers I had, only 42 clicks of which 2 people actually watched an extremely powerful video which gave away the kingdom! Absolutely shocking! A real eye opener!

I varied the tests in different combinations and all the results were basically the same. So the next time somebody tells you they have the ultimate Twitter money system, Run!

You hear all the hype about social bookmarking sites. You can try all the sites and the results will disappoint you! How do I know? I have thousands of bookmarks out there!

The Opt in Abuse…

It’s amazing how many links you follow only to come to a squeeze page which prompts you to enter your email address. So you enter you email address only to be bombarded by one offer after another. They all promise you the latest cutting edge program. Just try this program and the flood gates will open! It is just flat out abuse!

The Reality…

If all of these programs really worked as advertised by the “self proclaimed gurus,” they wouldn’t promote their friends programs over and over. It’s amazing how many product launches are coming out daily! Reality is, the programs don’t work like they claim! Many and I mean many of these programs are just the same old outdated techniques!

Do you honestly believe for a second, if you had a program which makes a fortune for you, you would share it for 49.00? Wake up! Nobody would share it with you or anybody until they milked the program for all its worth and the program doesn’t work anymore! Then, to get some extra milage, they package it up in a lite version and sell it to the masses!


We have covered a lot of information here in this post.

Bottom line, you need to technically savvy! You need to learn to drive massive traffic, wether paid or free. You need to hone all your skills and study, spend a small fortune learning, be persistent and just maybe, you can make a few dollars!

How do I know? I have hundreds and hundreds of web sites out there. I have thousands of bookmarks out there. I have been at the top of page 1 with Google, Yahoo, Bing and back down. I have thousands of backlinks. Tons of media buys. Hundreds of videos out all over the world. Google, Yahoo, Bing have taken a lot of my money. I have spent countless hours learning various pieces of software. I have developed web sites for costumers and got their sites ranked. I work with various CPA networks. I have been at it almost 2-years and have made but a few thousand dollars! Amazing but true! No fluff here!

Will I give away the secrets I have learned? Absolutely Not! I would charge you thousands and then some! Nobody handed it to me on a silver platter or for that matter, gave it to me for 49.00!

I hope this opened your eyes to the reality of making millions online.

The Seekers of Truth

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