Muslims Strike Again!

muslims strike again - Muslims Strike Again!

Muslims strike again and the liberals are beside themselves! They so desperately wanted to believe, some radical right wing extremest was the culprit!

Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families who were effected by this horrific event which took place in Boston!

Truly reprehensible how all the liberal news outlets paraded their so called experts. They claimed, this looks like some right wing extremest was behind this terrorist attack.

The reality, Americans knew the most likely culprits behind this tragic event were some radical Muslims. Low and behold, Americans were correct in their assumptions once again!

The political correctness crowd is upset! They hate the way Americans assume any terrorist event is caused by radical Muslims. Yet when you carefully analyze the facts, the common denominator in these world wide events seem to point to radical Muslims in most cases.

So common sense would dictate this is where you start your search for groups or individuals who have a proven track record of committing such acts of terror. Is this being racial? Is this unfair? No, to both questions!

How naive does an individual have to be to not accept the obvious facts? Are we so conditioned by the liberals not to hurt anybody’s feelings? Wake Up! Your life depends on it!

Does this mean all Muslims are evil? Absolutely not! The good, peaceful, respectful Muslims far outweigh the ones who have become radicalized.

There is no Religion in modern times which advocates terror except radical Islamist. There is no Religion which despises our way of life except radical Islamist. There is no Religion which believes it is noble to blow yourself up and in the process kill as many people as possible except for radical Islamist!

There are approximately 1.6-billion Muslims in the world. Statical facts indicate, 1% of Muslims are radical! This means 16-million radical Islamist are out there just waiting to snap! How many are in the USA? Nobody knows for sure, but the threat is real! You would be an absolute moron not to believe otherwise!

So the probability of more attacks is very high. This is reality. You can’t run from it. To believe the Government will protect you from it is just shear stupidity! Our Government is the best when it comes to being reactionary, but when it come to being proactive, the Government fails miserably!

If the Government was truly serious, we wouldn’t have an open border with Mexico and Canada! If the Government was truly serious, they wouldn’t trade Democratic votes for your safety!

God only knows how many Illegal Immigrants have crossed the border. Who knows how many potential terrorists are among them. Our Government surly doesn’t. To believe they know is just insanity! You can bet there are thousands here just waiting. To think otherwise is ludicrous.

If Obama was serious he wouldn’t have cut the budget 45% for domestic bomb prevention! Where is the outrage?

If Obama was serious, Fort Hood massacre would’ve been classified as a terrorist attack not work place violence, especially when you consider all the warning signs which were present.

Why does Obama have such an issue calling it a“Terrorist Attack” when a terrorist attack has been perpetrated on American People?

Why have their been more attempted terrorist attacks on Obama’s watch? Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Are you beginning to see the liberal mindset? I hope so! If not, you are truly a lost soul!

You can rest assured the law makers in the DC bubble will come up with all kinds of recommendations after the Boston Bombing! They will recommend people surrender more of their liberties in exchange for the false sense of security Government will provide.

It is truly sad watching the liberal media report about the Boston Bombing! They are coming up with all kinds of theories. None of them based in reality.

Can you believe the liberals are trying to blame Global Warming for the cause? Can you believe the liberals are recommending a Carbon Tax could’ve prevented this? Very sick individuals!

So the big question waiting to be answered, where did these losers get radicalized? Was it here in the US or abroad? The answer is both! Yes, both! Time will show we are correct in our assumption.

Could this radicalization happened in school? Absolutely! When you look at all the liberal teachers and Professors who indoctrinate our youth on a daily basis. The possibility is very real! When you look at all the liberal media spewing nonsense on a daily basis how bad America is. It is very conceivable our education system along with the liberal media is to blame!

bill ayres - Muslims Strike Again!

When you see people like Bill Ayres granted tenure at University of Illinois and be allowed to teach young impressionable youths, it all makes sense!

Bill Ayres was a co-conspirator planting a bomb at a statue which was dedicated to police casualties in 1969. Bill Ayres hated police officers. He celebrated memorialized efforts to kill cops.

Bill Ayres participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970. Participated in the bombing of the United States Capital building in 1971 and the bombing of the Pentagon in 1972.

If you can believe it, Bill Ayres is now a leading figure in American education, textbook design, creation and authorship. How sick is this? A terrorist is allowed to teach our youth and take part creating educational materials for our youth.

Not to mention, Obama spent lots of time with this lunatic and the story goes, Ayres is responsible for putting Obama onto the political scene.

The sad reality, there are lots of lunatics with beliefs like Ayres at collage universities teaching our kids. Then we wonder how the 2-losers responsible for the Boston Bombing became radicalized. With teachers and professors with beliefs like Ayres, it is all clear! Then combined with some help from some other radical Muslims, liberal media added to the mix and you have pure poison!

The more appropriate question, what finally pushed these 2-losers over the edge?

We know and time will prove they had help from other sources! These guys just didn’t wake up one morning and decided to go into the bomb making business and figure the Boston Marathon was a good place to start. They definitely planned this for a while.

You can thank the people of Boston for coming together and supplying photos, videos which helped and accelerated the capture of these lunatics!

In the end, you can thank a smoker for finding the second terrorist in his beloved boat! Sad to think the area was cleared by the authorities and deemed safe. I won’t buy it for a second the terrorist jumped into the boat after it was cleared in broad daylight and being injured.

Imagine all the people forced to stay in their homes and not having a weapon to defend themselves or their family against a terrorist! Truly a sad picture when you think about it!

Then when you listen to the bleeding heart liberals trying to mandate how many rounds your gun can legally have is just sickening! Especially when the initial shootout caused 200+ rounds to stop one of the lunatics.

Terrorism’s intent is to disrupt and to strike fear in people. These acts of violence through our open border and liberal ideology will become more frequent. It is only logical based on trend analysis.

If you allow acts of terror to change your way of life, they have won! If you refuse to accept terrorism and just be aware or your surroundings, they lose! Their goal is fear. If you refuse fear, they will have to go elsewhere.

The Muslim community can be a very valuable asset in stopping terrorism. They can help and be on the front line. People will become desensitized to these acts of terror. The people will then revolt and the sad reality, all the good Muslims will pay the price for these disturbed radical Islamist extremists.

People need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Extreme caution needs to be exercised when at large public gatherings. Report anything out of the ordinary. Learn how to use a gun safely for protection. Join Community Watch Groups. People working together can stop this!

The Seekers Of Truth

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