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Food Additives Connection!

Obesity has become a major epidemic throughout the Country! Statistically speaking, 2-out of 3-adults are overweight. This is very disturbing when you look back 20-years and realizing the obesity rates have basically doubled.

What has changed? For one, the digital age has contributed to the sedentary lifestyle people now have become accustomed too!

The true culprit, aside from super-sizing everything, are all the additives which the FDA approves for human consumption. When you see all the chemicals listed , it leaves you wondering if the food is real at all! As long as a tiny fraction of the food compound is present, it is legally acceptable to call it Real!

Most people don’t realize virtually all fast food chains employ chemists to modify their food. These chemists spend a tremendous amount of time devising a chemical cocktail which will make the food look good, smell good, taste good, proper texture, color and leave you craving for more.

The sad reality, the FDA allows this practice on a daily basis. When the chemical data is presented, the trace chemicals are usually dismissed due too their claim,  “Acceptable levels for human consumption!”

Nobody truly knows the long term effects of these chemicals which are allowed for human consumption. Yet, we are bombarded with these toxins on a daily basis.

The human body can only handle so many toxins till cellular entropy starts accelerating. Thus causes all sorts of diseases, birth defects and obesity.

Amazing how some foods you just can’t get enough. You crave them more and more. Welcome to the world of Chemical Engineering where profits are key and your health and weight, well not so key! Now we just hide behind the FDA because they said, these trace amount of chemicals are acceptable and pose no significant risk!

Has anybody seen the long term effects of some of these chemicals on the human body? We are talking 50-years + here! No, is the short answer. Then why does the FDA approve such chemical disasters? Could it be the lobbyists? Could it be some kind of payoff? Could it be some political favors? Maybe a profit consideration? Nah! Our Government would never lie to us and endanger our health!

Nobody will convince us a hormone shot given to a chicken or a cow to accelerate growth has no adverse effect on humans, yet alone our waistline. Nobody will convince us the antibiotics used on these animals have any negative effects on humans.

We had a meeting a few years ago with a Federal employee. We were informed these injections were given to bring products to market faster to beat their competition. Whoever produced the quickest would get the lion’s share of the profits. Pretty sad greed trumps human health!

We are beginning to see some of the effects of these chemicals now. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are flourishing! Any connection? Nah! You would think will all of these medical and pharmaceutical advances we would be getting healthier, quite the contrary. Health problems and obesity are sky rocketing!

They try to convince us obesity is caused by some obesity gene. They are always trying to divert our attention from the real contributing factors. They try to use some scientific explanation for your out of control eating and dietary habits and never mentioning food additives. They don’t want you to feel bad! Go figure!

Obesity medical costs are around 200-billion per year! An individual with a high BMI will spend on average of 5500.00 more than an individual at a normal weight on healthcare. A smoker only costs on average of 1300.oo in additional medical care.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry loves it! Looks like we let the smokers stay indoors and throw the obese outside to eat their Twinkies and cake. Amazing how they made the smokers out to be demons, but it’s ok to be fat!

Why has society made obesity acceptable? It is disgusting to look and everywhere you see obesity. Why does TV make obesity acceptable and glorifies it in certain cases? Fat people should be banned from TV. Fat people show a lack of self esteem, lack of control. Signify laziness and a health risk, not to mention not very pleasant to look at!

Obesity can be overcome by discipline, changing your diet and moving your body. Change your diet to a healthy one. Eat fresh food, preferably organic. If you can’t eat organic, eat the freshest fruits, vegetables and high quality fresh meat you can purchase. Stick with whole grains and complex carbohydrates. Stay away from fast food and anything which is processed and refined! This is where the chemical engineering is greatest!

We eat more than we really need! Experiments prove, cutting portions in half had a dramatic effect in extending one’s life!

Don’t look for excuses. Only you are to blame and nobody else for your choices!

Pretty entertaining, we just saw a news clip claiming mummies had clogged arteries and heart issues back then. We have been aware of this for 20-years. The news clip failed to explain why. Here is the reason why. Egyptians were the first to really start farming due to their location on the Nile River. Egyptians were the one’s who really started to process and refine food and their diets were based on high carbohydrates.

Don’t believe all the pictures you see of Egyptians being thin! Egyptians had obesity issues back then. Careful examination of over 400-mummies proved this fact! It’s a shame this has been hidden from the public!

The primary means of survival back then was eating meat, nuts and berries. The Egyptians were the first to change dietary habits and primarily focus on carbohydrates!

Hopefully this helps understanding obesity!

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