Pharmaceutical Drug Dangers- A Prescription for Disaster

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Your doctor’s orders can be hazardous and fatal to your health. Every year, our trusted FDA approved drugs are responsible for killing twice as many people as the total number of U.S. deaths from the Vietnam War.

Death by pharmaceutical drugs flourishes due to deceit and not false science.

The Culprit…

Medical ghostwriting and checkbook science are the most prominent forms of deceit responsible for deaths attributed to pharmaceutical drugs.

The sad reality, doctors rely on peer-reviewed medical journals to learn about pharmaceutical drugs. Journals like the Lancet, British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association are heavily relied upon.

False Assumption…

The assumption these professional journals offer the hard science behind any given prescription drug is incorrect and the consequences are fatal. These prominent medical journals can’t be trusted due to the fact of medical ghost writing.

Meet The Ghostwriter…. Boo!

Medical ghostwriting is the practice of hiring PhD’s to create drug reports which exaggerate benefits and hide negative side effects and potential dangers. Once these drug reports are complete, pharmaceutical companies recruit doctor’s to put their name on the report as authors.

The Motivation…

These reports will then get published in the above mentioned medical journals. The motivating factor is money and prestige for this deceitful practice. Ghostwriters can fetch up to $20,000 per report. Doctors love the prestige they receive from having been published and seeing their names in bright lights! It’s an ego thing!

Bottom line, patients get bad prescription drugs disguised as good and safe medicine. 

Medical ghostwriting is more common place than you think. Prominent medical professionals estimate 50% of medical journal drug reviews are written by these highly paid ghostwriters.

Somebody Find Me An Honest Review…

Many doctors insist they can’t find drug review authors who do not have some king of financial ties to drug companies. This makes it difficult determining which papers can be trusted in the journals.

Get Out The Checkbook…

Checkbook science is another slippery slope. Checkbook science is research intended not to expand knowledge or to benefit humanity, but instead to sell pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies use checkbook science to sponsor their own biased drug research thru the halls of academia and government institutions. Money is used to create their own studies, interpret the results, and suppress the negative and harmful data discovered.

Common Practice…

Checkbook science is a common practice. It is estimated a third of academic professors have personal financial ties to drug makers. Top scientists at the National Institutes of Health also collect paychecks and stock options from the pharmaceutical industry. This ongoing practice has been going on for over 20 years.

The Hypnotic Suggestion…

Understanding medical ghost writing and checkbook science explains why medical doctors have been hypnotized and seduced by the pharmaceutical industry and are only conditioned to see the positive aspect. This also explains why modern medicine is more deadly and profitable than war. This danger has been silenced with a simple stroke of a pen and financial reward!

Bottom Line…

So the next time you take a pharmaceutical drug ask yourself, is it really safe or am I the victim of a media blitz sponsored by some giant pharmaceutical company? Are the potential dangerous side effects worth it? We don’t think so!

The Seekers of Truth

Pharmaceutical drug dangers – A prescription for disaster

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