pc11 - Political Correctness, Have We Gone Mad?

Have we gone mad?

Is there political correctness in nature? No! Why?

Nature operates on the premise, “survival of the fittest.” In order for species to thrive and flourish they develop genetic superiority to adapt and survive an ever changing environment.

If the weak are left to survive, a specie risks extinction and a disruption in the delicate balance of nature. Once the balance is disrupted, chaos erupts. This allows a superior specie to overrun and dominate and potentially destroy all life!

Nature recognizes this fact and operates flawlessly to protect this irrefutable fact and keeps everything in balance!

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!”

So what is political correctness?

It is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, handicap.

This is a trend which wants to make everything fair, equal and just to all. This is done by suppressing thought, speech and practice in order to achieve this goal.

This very mindset is destroying and emasculating society, not to mention putting our country at risk! There are other cultures which see our nation’s weakness and are exploiting this sickness which is spreading! I assure you, their motives aren’t pure and would love nothing better than to see the destruction of our “Great Nation!”

This sickness must stop now! You are either a winner or a loser! If you are a loser, do something about it! You have the ability to change and rise up without handouts and without bringing the strong down! If you are lazy, you deserve all which is in store for you! Don’t expect sympathy or a handout from me!

When I was growing up and actively involved in sports, you either won or you lost period! Now as my kids are growing up and are actively involved in sports, “Everybody is a winner and everybody gets a trophy!” Talk about destroying competitiveness and the future potential of greatness and innovation all to make the weak and losers feel good!

Let’s call a spade a spade!

If it offends you, get over it or get out of here!

You need to realize, the structure of political correctness operates upon a faulty belief system. It has become the dominant social and political tool of choice used by groups today.

Political correctness is quickly becoming the downfall of the United States as we know it! It stifles freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one of the tenants of our society which our Founding Fathers fought and died for!

It prevents people from speaking their minds for the fear of repercussions. It spreads fear and places a subtle form of control over our population and society!

It has become the ally of enemies of America. They use it against anyone who disagrees with their opinions with impunity. It is used by the enemies of America to literally destroy the lives of those who practice their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Political correctness is a form of slavery. It’s nothing more than a subliminal control mechanism utilized to instill fear into anyone who speaks their mind or steps out of line.

It is the primary weapon of choice the illegal alien community and its anti-American supporters are wielding against the American people at this time. Yes, it’s a weapon!

The bottom line…

The use of political correctness by America’s enemies is nothing less than a weapon of war.

Meet your enemies who love your political correctness agenda!

Beware! Don’t say you weren’t warned!

The Seekers of Truth

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