Secondhand Smoke!

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The Chemical Claim…

There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic. Yet the very air we breath is also claimed to contain over 4,000 chemicals. You never hear about this simple fact!

All The Deaths…

Only the illusion is created, smokers are killing innocent bystanders to the tune of over 30,000 deaths per year. The sad reality, there has not been one documented case yet, which the sole cause of death was caused by secondhand smoke! In the downloadable report you will see how the data is compiled to wage war on smokers!


It can be stated, all substances are toxic in quantity. In reality, many therapeutic medications are acutely toxic. However, these therapeutic medications can be beneficial when used at a therapeutic level.

Oxygen, table salt, water, are all toxic in large enough doses. Just the mere presence of a substance does not imply toxicity or imminent death is awaiting you or a war should be waged!

The basic tenet in toxicology is, “The dose makes the poison.” Cooking food generates thousands of chemicals. There are over 1,000 chemicals reported in a cup of coffee of which 19 of them are rodent carcinogens. This does not mean coffee is dangerous!

At some basic level, every chemical becomes toxic, but there are levels below which no adverse health effects are observed.

The Evil Culprits…

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a 1993 report classifying environmental tobacco smoke (known as ETS or secondhand smoke) as a known human carcinogen. The anti-smoking forces in this country were losing their war for Prohibition and needed some ammunition.

In November 1995 after a 20-month study by the Congressional Research Service released a detailed analysis of the EPA report that was highly critical of EPA’s methods and conclusions.

In 1998, in a devastating 92-page opinion, Federal Judge William Osteen vacated the EPA study, declaring it null and void. He found a culture of arrogance, deception, and cover-up at the agency. Yet the media refused to report the significance of this ruling!

The Judge…

Osteen noted, there was evidence in the record supporting the accusation which implied the EPA cherry picked its data to promote an agenda!  In order to confirm its hypothesis the EPA maintained its standard significance level, but lowered the confidence interval to 90 percent. This allowed EPA to confirm its hypothesis by finding a relative risk of 1.19, which is a very weak association and does not warrant a full scale assault on  smokers and create a panic!

The judge believed the EPA was publicly committed to a conclusion before the research had begun.  The EPA adjusted established procedure and scientific norms to validate its conclusion. The EPA aggressively utilized its authority to disseminate findings to establish a de facto regulatory scheme to influence public opinion.

The bottom line, the EPA failed to show a statistically significant association between SHS and lung cancer! Yet as each year passes, SHS is being touted as evil and is the silent killer of modern times! Which is all based on false data and a hidden agenda. Where is the outrage?

The Good Ole Days…

When I was growing up my doctor smoked while he was seeing me in his office. You could go down to the hospital and smokers were everywhere and nobody gave it a second thought! No SHS panic, nobody dying in the hallways from SHS, no SIDs, ear infections, coronary complications due to SHS, no cancer victims due to SHS!

Now it has become a full on assault on smokers and their rights! With rampant law suits, extortion, heavy taxation, hearings, you name it! All based on false claims which has been proven time and time again!

The WHO, No, Not The Band…

The World Health Organization conducted a study of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and lung cancer in Europe. The only statistically significant number was a decrease in the risk of lung cancer among the children of smokers. This paper was buried, why? Would this end the war and scam on SHS?

Flight Attendants…

In 2003 a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology was thoroughly covered up by the public health gangs and its media cronies!  The enormous study covers 37 years, during which thousands of filght attendants were followed and monitored for cancer.

This study was not financed by the tobacco industry, the pharmaceutical industry, nor is it supported by public health funds allocated to produce scientific frauds to support public health’s frauds on smoking!

The results were a remarkably low SMR [standardized incidence ratio] for lung cancer among female cabin attendants and no increase for male cabin attendants, indicating that smoking and exposure to passive smoking may not play an important role in mortality in this group. Imagine that!

The Big One…

The most shocking and lengthy study ever done on SHS was over the span of 39-years. It was conducted on 118,000 adults in California.  Adults enrolled in late 1959 in the American Cancer Society cancer prevention study (CPS I), who were followed until 1998. The objective was to measure the relation between environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), as estimated by smoking in spouses, and long term mortality from tobacco related disease.

The shocking conclusion, the results didn’t support a causal relation between environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality, although they do not rule out a small effect. The association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed.” Where in the Hell is the outrage? Why didn’t CNN, MSNBC report it?

Your Building is Bad…

Continuing evidence shows energy-efficient building techniques and increasingly limited ventilation, not ETS, adversely influence asthma and other upper respiratory problems especially in children.

Building ventilation rates continue to decrease. They are replaced by inadequate filtering and re-filtering systems. This causes us to be exposed and re-exposing us thru re-circulated, undiluted air to contaminants associated with asthma and allergies such as: bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, amoebae, dust mite and cockroach feces, pollen, etc.

Ventilation rate recommendations for buildings accommodating smokers are high enough to promote dilution of all indoor air contaminants which in turn reduces respiratory problems thought once to be caused by SHS!

The Lies…

The deception of the public through bogus scientific research to promote an agenda is truly deplorable! It is criminal to mislead the public and extort money based on a false illusion! The perpetrators of this great deception should be held financially responsible, exposed and severely punished.

To use pseudoscience to create the illusion of sound scientific research weakens the integrity of the whole scientific community and destroys the creditability of any scientific research project! To truly see the validity of a scientific research project, one only needs to see who is funding the project!

Remember: If you smoke, you don’t hurt anyone except yourself!

The Seekers Of Truth

Please download these PDF’s for a more in depth look at the above mentioned studies.

Mortality from Cancer and Other Causes among Airline Cabin Attendants in Germany, 1960–1997

Toxic Toxicology

In Defense of Smokers!

Environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality in a prospective study of Californians, 1960-98



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