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Sequester Scam!

The Sequester Scam has reached a full blown dog and pony show! Hearing Obama talk you would think the end of the World has come. Totally amazing how incompetent the morons in Washington are! All of this doomsday talk over 44-billion dollars in cuts.

The total amount of spending cuts is not quite clear. The number keeps changing and we really don’t know what to believe from these incompetent civil servants! One thing for sure, the blame game and the fear tactics have reached an all time high.

Amazing how the Republicans are to blame as usual. When in reality, the liberals own this one! This uncontrollable spending spree has to stop.

The Government’s own departments have disclosed Obama and company are wasting 125-billion per year! Think about it! What kind of morons are running this ship? Certainly not anyone competent.

Rather than stop the uncontrollable spending, they create the illusion, the Government is the solution and can do no wrong. They deceive the masses spreading the lies with the help of the media which is just an extension of the Obama team.

Some of the proposed cuts include, the reduction of customs agents, Defense civilian workers and food inspectors will have to be furloughed or laid off, the administration has warned. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has said they will have to furlough Air Traffic Controllers, shut down Control Towers and other facilities and services. Yet the FAA’s budget is larger this year than last year.

Cuts to the FBI, Medicare, Healthcare for kids. Nothing like pushing the hot buttons to the non informed voter. Truly despicable, childish behavior. The sad reality, the liberals are toting the narrative in lockstep. Nothing like watching out for the People! Nice to see these incompetent morons have your best interests in mind.

Why not cut every Politicians pay? They surely don’t deserve their present wage.  How about cutting Government in half? We don’t need our present size of Government!

How about cutting all Federal Employees pensions. Virtually everybody in the real world has to save for their retirement. Their retirement is not funded by Tax payers! Why should Politicians, and Government Employees be entitled to receive our money for their retirement? When you look at their service and productivity, they should be paying us!

How about Obama stop his perpetual campaigning and try to govern for once! Never in my lifetime have I seen such incompetence in a so called leader!

We need to get all the Welfare scammers off the books and have them do some public service for a while. We need to cut our Food Stamp program. Only the people who truly need it, not some illegal immigrant who saw a commercial in Mexico paid by the Obama Administration.

We need to investigate all the disability claims and only pay for legitimate cases. We need to stop all funding of special interest groups.

Who was the genius responsible for releasing 300+illegal aliens? The sequester hasn’t even taken place! Nothing like releasing criminals into the streets. Could’ve released American citizens who are in prison for non violent crimes. No, we need to release people who don’t belong in this Country. Nothing like appealing too the illegal Hispanic group for future votes!

Nah! All these things would make sense and fix this whole financial crisis. It is better to create problems were none exist and deceive the people for your personal gratification and quest for power and greed!

All of this panic being created by the Administration to inflict maximum pain on individuals who are naive and only see the liberal headlines! Nothing like pitting one political party against another to further your political agenda!

What does Obama want to do? He along with all the other liberals think raising taxes is the solution. The Tax burden on individuals is way out of control! No hardworking American should give 50-60% of their hard earned to the Government. Giving 25% of your income is excessive. How can the Government claim they can spend responsibly and they can’t even balance their own checkbook? If we operated like our elected officials, we would all be in prison. Yet these incompetent politicians do it on a daily basis! Where is the outrage?

This is the oldest Democratic trick in the book. Surrender more of your money, your liberty, the Government will create a Utopia for you, take care of you and everything will be perfect! This is their mantra!

The Republicans are just a bunch of spineless morons! Rather than stand up for what is right, they cave every time. Is it any wonder the Country is on the verge of collapse? Both Parties are guilty of this financial nightmare. Both parties have driven this Country into the ground, all in the name of Power, Greed and Selfishness!

Both Parties have outlived their usefulness. The Founding Fathers never intended for Government to grow to its present size. The Founding Fathers never intended for Government to control every aspect of one’s life and destroy individual sovereignty! This political jousting and insatiable appetite for greed and power needs to stop immediately! They work for us. We are their bosses, but instead they create the illusion we are their servants!

This is Criminal and negligent for Politicians to take the sacred oath to uphold the Constitution and violate it every chance they get without any consequences!

It would be refreshing to see the days of the “Wild West” return for a year or two! A lot of problems would be solved quickly!

The Seekers Of Truth

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