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How do you get six pack abs?

Many people including myself, have followed this path at one point or another. We are always looking for the miracle cure. We try to find the quick fix. Guess what? There is no miracle cure! I hate to burst your bubble!

We all have tried these abdominal exercises with no visible results. Why?

Better yet, take two of these before you go to bed and wake up thinner. Or, let’s just sit here and rock while watching your favorite tv show and melt the fat away.

I’m sure you have seen all the fancy gadgets and have tried them. You still get no results!

So what is the answer?

In a nutshell, lose weight and do a few exercises involving as many muscles of your body at once as possible. You will see results!

Yes, it could be that simple!

We need to understand a few things first before we go on another adventure for those elusive six pack abs.


Most of us have a genetic disposition. We have a tendency to retain stubborn fat, especially around the mid-section.

Mother Nature created this safety mechanism of storing fat to keep you from starvation! Your body will sacrifice muscle before it gives up fat. Fact!

This is why starvation diets, low calorie diets, fasting are hazardous to your health and mental well being! You can actually do serious damage to your heart by following these miracle diets. Your body will sacrifice muscle before it gives up fat. Fat is the last thing to go.

When you diet and lose weight, you have a tendency to gain the weight back and then a few extra pounds.

Your body is smarter than you think! It knows you will try it again.

As a safety mechanism, your body will store extra fat and you will have less muscle. You lost some muscle on your last weight loss adventure! This will make it even more difficult the next time you try to lose weight and get those six pack abs!

You purchase the newest book on abdominal exercises or the new diet to beat all! You might buy the gadget you wrap around your stomach, turn on the switch and this belt works the abdominal muscles all while watching your favorite tv show. The cycle repeats over and over! You get fatter and fatter!

ladyabs - Six Pack Abs Reality!

So where does it end?

Right here, right now!

Your body can never feel through dieting it is entering the starvation mode! I mean NEVER!!! This will stop all your hard efforts for weight loss and six pack abs.

You can’t just lose weight around your abdominal muscles. Weight loss can never be localized through dieting. Your body will lose weight from all over and when it reaches a certain percentage of body fat, you will begin to see those six pack abs!

What is that percentage for you? I couldn’t tell you for sure! I would be lying if I did! Everybody is different. Some will see six pack abs at 10% body fat, some at 12%, 8%. You get the idea! Your body will determine it.

Women will see six pack abs at a higher percentage of body fat. Women naturally have more body fat for protection. Mother Nature created them that way.

So the logical place to start is with weight loss.

What is the best weight loss program I found?

To determine a weight loss program’s effectiveness, you need a track record. Not six-months or a year. I want five years! A five-year record will blow 95% + of all the diets out there, right out of the water. You need a diet which is workable, simple, logical and you don’t need a slide rule to work it.

The number #1 diet I have found is the Atkins Diet…

No, I don’t get paid by them!

I have done many years of research. I can tell you by my own results and my doctor’s opinion and tests, this is the path to follow. This is how Mother Nature created us. Man survived by hunting wild game, eating nuts and berries and drinking water. He didn’t run down to the store to get some low fat bread, low fat cookies and baked chips and wash it down with some diet soda!

All you have to do is look at the people today. You will see 2 out 3 people over-weight.

So it is beyond obvious, today’s wisdom of low fat, low protein and diet this and diet that is not working! Just look around! Look at all the weight related health issues!

The Atkins Diet is the simplest diet of all to follow…

Your body needs the protein to maintain the lean muscle tissue and to speed the weight loss process. Fat will suppress sugar cravings. Yes, fat really does this!

Your body will use either fat or sugar for energy. Your body is very easy to train to use fat for energy.

All the carbohydrates you eat turn into sugar and spike your insulin level. When you eat complex carbohydrates, they break down to simple sugar at a slower rate.

You can modify the Atkins Diet…

You can eat all the chicken, turkey, fish or whatever meat you want. There are a lot of vegetables you can eat which are very low in carbohydrates. A head of lettuce has less carbs than 2-cookies. There are plenty of fruits which are low in carbs. Cantaloupe and black-berries are low in carbs. Do the research. There are plenty of charts out there showing the grams of carbohydrates for each type of food.

Organic food products really is the ultimate way to go! Yes, it is more expensive but the health benefits are well worth it!

The first two-weeks of the diet is the induction period. This is where you train your body to use fat for energy. You keep your daily carbohydrate intake to 15-grams per day. After 3-days, your body starts the shift to burning fat not sugar for energy.

Yes, you will get headaches, feel weird and cloudy thinking for the first few days. This is normal. Your body is having withdraws from sugar. These symptoms quickly disappear.

After 2-weeks you gradually begin to increase your carbs. You must still keep them low enough for you to lose weight. Each person has their critical carbohydrate level which weight loss will stop. You will need to find this level and then back off to continue losing weight.

Stay away from any and all diet foods and drinks which contain aspartame or any of the other artificial sweeteners!

They are dangerous! I could show you mountains of research and personal experience which attest to this fact!

Instead, drink plenty of water! It has been proven, drinking water throughout the day will increase your metabolism and help speed the weight loss process!

As you can tell, I am a firm believer in the Atkins Diet with a few modifications.

Following this diet, your body never gets the starvation signal and starts to store fat and sacrifice lean muscle tissue. This is a critical concept if you want to see six pack abs.

You can go down to the book store and pick up a copy of his book for all the details of the diet. Great Book!

Before you start the Atkins Diet or any other, please check with your doctor and have some tests done. Make sure you are healthy!

This is the foundation which we must start with to get six pack abs…

We must lose weight in a manner which will not sacrifice our lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue is what is needed to reach the goal of six pack abs. The more lean muscle tissue, the faster the process. This is why I advocate a high protein diet.

All of the abdominal exercises or special abdominal workouts won’t help if we don’t do the first step and lose the weight!

Weight Loss Exercises

So lets move on to the second step which is exercise.

The best exercise I have found for weight loss is walking at a brisk pace. The key is to walk for 45-60 minutes per day. Everyday! Start out slowly. Walk 10 to 15-minutes or whatever you can walk. Each day try to walk a few minutes longer. You should be able to get up to an hour per day within 2-weeks.

You want to get your heart rate up to your ideal aerobic rate for your age. There are charts out there to get this rate. So I won’t bother posting one here!

There is something which happens chemically in your body after approximately 30-minutes of un-interrupted walking. Your body starts to produce fat burning enzymes. It is after this first 30-minutes, you start to put a dent in your fat reserves. But, you must do this everyday! Not every other day!

I studied this thoroughly for 7-years and the results were amazing! Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I was out there everyday with my trusty old Labrador. He loved the walks! I can honestly say in a year I would miss 3 to 4-days. That’s it! Once you get into the habit which takes about 20-days, you go crazy if you don’t walk.

If you don’t want to face the elements or are in a strange city or town, than use a treadmill. Virtually all the hotels have them. I personally prefer the outdoors. The fresh air and the sounds are awesome! Great way to explore and discover new things!

I jogged for 4-years to see if it helped loosing weight…

I ran 2, 3 and 4-miles per day to see if there was any correlation with distance and results. I would vary the distances to see if it helped. I didn’t lose a pound. I actually gained weight!

Some people swear jogging works. I wouldn’t recommend it. I did notice chronic pains in my legs and feet. It was hard to stay motivated with all of these frequent pains and no results.

Abdominal Workouts…

There are a lot of abdominal exercises out there which will help you get six pack abs. But, you must be aware some are good and some are bad and can damage your lower back!

Sit-ups have been around for a long time. But did you know your abdominal muscles are being worked for the first 25 degrees or so and then the lower back takes over to complete the rest of the movement? So why do these if you know you are working your lower back a majority of the time and risk injury?

Now imagine some of these guys who use 50-pound weight and do sit-ups for a half hour. Ouch! Talk about some serious potential damage to the lower back!

You don’t want to use heavy weights for any abdominal exercise…

The last thing somebody wants who is trying to reduce their waiste size is to make the abdominal muscles thicker. Light weights are ok and are beneficial.

Abdominal crunches are a much better alternative to the sit-ups. They engage just the abdominal muscles and leave the lower back out of the picture. You can use light weights for this abdominal exercise. They target the upper abdominal muscles. If you alternate from knee to knee, you target the love handles and work the abdominal muscles at angles.

Trunk twists with a bar or broom stick are also good. They work the abdominal muscles from all different angles and work on the love handles.

Leg lifts are good for the lower abdominal muscles. You must be careful with your lower back on this one! Don’t push it!

These are the only abdominal exercises I would recommend at this time. You must remember all of these abdominal exercises will build and strengthen your abdominal muscles. If your abdominal muscles are covered with fat, you will never see those six pack abs.

You can’t just work the abdominal muscles and get six pack abs while your whole body is covered with fat. Mother Nature won’t allow it!

The Ultimate Abdominal Workout…

Early on I mentioned you need to lose weight and do exercises engaging as many muscles at once as possible.

Well here it is, the ultimate abdominal workout! It is called, Push-ups!

Push-ups are by far the best exercise you can do! You engage virtually every muscle in your upper body and believe it or not, they really work the abdominal muscles! The key is, they must be done with strict form. No cheating! Can be done by both men and women. Don’t require an expensive gym or membership. Can be done virtually anywhere. Takes but a few minutes per-day.

There are many variations of them…

They can challenge the most accomplished athlete. Men should try to do 200-repetitions per day with a goal of 1000-repetitions per day. Do as many as you can at once. Take a 1-minute break and do some more till you get to 200-repetitions. The ultimate goal should be 200-repetitions at once and do five sets. Start into it easy and work up. Don’t hurt yourself!

Women should shoot for 200-repetitions per-day. Women can start out doing push-ups from their knees until they can do them in strict form, the Plank Position! Target should be 200-repetitions per day with the ultimate goal of 500-repetitions per day. Again, do as many as you can at once, take a 1-minute break and do some more till you get to 200-repetitions per day. Women should shoot for 100-repetitions in strict form and do 5-sets for a total of 500-repetitions per day.

Follow the above instructions and do some of the abdominal workouts coupled with a high protein diet for 30-days. You won’t believe the results! Depending on how much weight you need to lose, you will begin to see those six pack abs you have been searching for. I will bet you a cup of fresh ground coffee that you will be amazed what you see and how great you feel! Your whole outlook on life will change!

The 3-types of Push-ups I highly recommend: Military, Hindu and Superman…

The Military Push-ups are the ones both men and women should do following the above instructions.

The Hindu Push-ups should be thrown in for good measure. They work virtually every muscle in the body and at different angles while getting a good stretch. Try to do as many as possible in one set.

The Superman Push-ups are the ultimate abdominal workout for six pack abs. They should be every man’s goal! Again, try to do as many as you possibly can in one set.

There you have it! A complete six pack abs course! I have spent years researching these principles and trust me when I tell you, “They work!”

Don’t fall for all of the quick fixes you see out there…

It is just an illusion! There is no miracle cure out there for six pack abs. You will have to put some effort into it but the rewards are priceless!

The next time you see a bodybuilder competing and wonder how he did it? He worked very hard, hours and hours per day. Some naturally some using steroids. Body fat about 3% to 4%. Day before competition they de-hydrate themselves so the muscles looked ripped. This just puts tremendous amount of stress on the heart. Believe it or not, these guys are their weakest the day of competition. The human body can’t handle this stress for too long without doing serious physical damage. You don’t see these guys doing it year after year without paying a serious price! This is just un-realistic for the majority of people!

The only other thing I would encourage you to do…

Find some excellent Nutritional Supplements and take them. I encourage everyone to stay away from Pharmaceutical Drugs if at all possible!

You can email me and I will recommend you some of the finest Supplements out there.

If you follow the above diet and exercises, you should be drug free. Your cholesterol should plunge. Your blood pressure will drop. Blood sugar should stabilize and your Cardio health should dramatically improve. Your Mental Health and outlook will change to a whole new level. Your love life will take on a whole new meaning! You will radiate health and beauty! You will be a success!

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