The Death Of Entrepreneurship!

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The Problem…

Have we become prisoners of the giant conglomerates? Is it possible to start a small business and compete against the giants? Have the conglomerates sold their souls to the Chinese? What is the solution to spur growth and new start-up businesses?

The Past…

So what happened to Entrepreneurship? When I was growing up and the family needed a new television we drove up to our small town appliance store and would buy a television for a good price. The same goes for all the other appliances. Now I challenge you to find a small locally owned store! They are a thing of the past! Why?


Greed and the stealth creation of monopolies have destroyed the very foundation which this Great Nation was built upon! Key players and CEOs came up with a plan, intoxicated with greed, had a vision to infiltrate smaller towns and flood the local markets with cheap imported products. Small businesses would be forced to sell their products for less or go out of business. This made it very difficult to compete with the big businesses. These big businesses have the ability to buy products in massive quantities built by cheap labor which in turn keeps their cost down.

Massive Inventories…

These giant conglomerates have the storage capacity to hold massive inventories. This allows them the luxury to stock up on cheap manufactured imports without the fear of running out of inventory till the next ship comes to port. Your typical small business doesn’t have the storage capacity to hold such a large inventory. This increases their acquisition cost and cuts their profits dramatically. This can only be done for a short time and you come to the realization it is no longer profitable to be in business!

Cheap Labor…

These giant conglomerates shipped American jobs overseas where labor is extremely cheap and moved the whole manufacturing base. This allows them to build products cheap and sell them at a huge markup to add to their bottom line! It looks great for Wall Street and their earnings numbers!


This game caught on and now virtually all manufactures have outsourced their manufacturing overseas to cut labor cost, no benefits to pay for and this all made their earnings swell. Wall Street loves it! Earnings have increased and the shareholders are happy!

The Price…

The problem which got overlooked was demand destruction. In the process of shipping jobs overseas and using cheap labor has put millions of Americans out of work. This in turn has weakened consumer demand and finally is showing up in all of the economic data. Consumers aren’t buying like they use too! The damage is done!

How can I compete and build a quality product and pay a good wage when you have a Chinese worker who will work for a dollar a day with no benefits?

When products were built here, I could negotiate a price and not have to worry about keeping a massive inventory knowing within days I could obtain more inventory!

The Demise of Quality…

Through this destructive plan to monopolize the markets, the quality of products has diminished! You use to buy a new product because of quality and reliability. Now everything is built cheap and has a short life expectancy. The people in charge knew if they built quality products which would last a long time their profits would disappear. Realizing this, the giant conglomerates knew they could line their pockets with more money if they could keep the consumer coming back for more. We have become a throw away society!

They Sold Their Souls…

The sad reality, greed has caused the giant conglomerates to sell their souls to the Chinese who now know virtually all of our secrets of manufacturing. These giant conglomerates are directly responsible for building a communist country, one of the worst human rights abusers into a force which is almost unstoppable! Through the greed of few, the US is now hostage to China! Where is the outrage?

Political connections…

To add more insult, the giant conglomerates have strategically wined and dinned along with payoffs to our corrupt politicians and Federal Reserve, which is no more Federal than Federal Express, to keep the US dollar valuation low. These giant conglomerates outsource labor in US dollars and sell for Euros. Talk about a scam!

The New Disease…

These monopolies have spread like a cancer throughout the US. These monopolies are now seen with car manufactures, airline industry, electronics, appliances, banking, home builders and supplies, hospitals, drug stores, food industry, cell phone industry, clothing, insurance etc. No matter where you look some form of consolidation or merger is taking place to squeeze the little guy out!

If you were to start a small business today, the giants would have you shut down in no time! If they didn’t, the government regulations would!

The Solution…

The solution to this crisis is simple! Tax all imports to the point it would be cheaper to build here in the US. Special tax incentives only to small businesses to level the playing field. Incentives should be large enough to cause the giant monopolies to downsize and build small divisions. Penalties should be imposed on the giant monopolies for manipulating the market place and price.

All of the greatest innovations and discoveries have been achieved by individuals not a giant monopoly!

This mindset of Globalization must be erased! It is not the responsibility of the United States to build the World at the expense of its citizens! To line the pockets of a few and destroy the livelihoods of many!

American entrepreneurs need to rise up and stop the insanity!

The Seekers of Truth

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