Well they really did it now. They have been hard at work trying to convince the masses. If you exhale, you are polluting the planet. If you drive, you are evil. If you have a farm with cows, you are contributing to the demise of the planet. The earth is heating up. The world is melting. We are all doomed!

In the mean time, the powers that be are trying to pass legislation. It will force companies and individuals to purchase carbon credits as a penalty for polluting the plant. All in the name of saving the planet. By the way, at any moment could burn up do to our existence. That’s what they told me!

So who would benefit from these carbon credits? Which country would have the advantage from these regulations? You don’t think the boys on Wall Street would start a whole new derivatives market which would dwarf the previous 600-trillion market? No, I don’t think so! The boys on Wall Street are hard working honest people looking out for you and me. Your money is safe with them!

Well my friend, the video you are about to see, will open your eyes. The Global Alarmists will run and hide when they see this video. The everyday people will be infuriated once they realize they have been deceived! This is one of the biggest hoaxes to date. It has a hidden financial agenda which will make Wall Street’s derivatives scheme pale in comparison.

So sit back and enjoy the video. It is 25-minutes long and a shocker!

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The Seekers of Truth

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