The New TSA Enhanced Screening Procedures…

Are They Worth It?

just checking - The New TSA Enhanced Screening ProceduresTurn your head and cough….

Where is the outrage? Do you feel any safer or do you feel like a criminal for just showing up and taking a flight?

The people should be outraged at this backward approach after the fact!

Let’s go back in time and discover where the real outrage should truly be directed.

Remember Cuba?

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s hijackings seemed to happen every other week. All of these hijackers wanted to go to Cuba. Apparently Cuba was the choice vacationing destination for these hijackers.

Beyond the Obvious Message…

The Government and all of the Airlines should have gotten the message and had these new cockpit hardened doors installed back then! Boeing, Air bus, McDonald Douglas, Lockheed should’ve made these doors standard on all of the aircraft manufactured! The government should’ve insisted all airliners manufactured have these impenetrable cockpit doors installed!

All of the above mentioned airline manufactures could’ve also eliminated the cockpit entry door all together. The could’ve provided a separate  flight crew entrance door as other foreign air carriers have done. This would eliminate the threat of a forceful entry into the cockpit and commandeering the aircraft!

Expect No Mercy…

Here is where the true outrage should be directed without any mercy! All of the airlines, airline manufactures and government should all be held liable. Criminal and monetary damages should be sought and awarded to every U.S. legal citizen for the stress and mental anguish they  have caused the American flying public. The American public is treated like terrorists and it is a very demeaning experience to fly anymore!


The reality, 911 would’ve never happened if these simple steps would’ve been implemented! This is the sad reality of our bureaucratic system. In order for the airlines and manufactures to save a few dollars to increase their bottom line, they neglected to take your safety into consideration especially when hijackings were almost an everyday occurrence in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Panty Bomber…

Now, they have implemented enhanced security procedures in response to the panty bomber. If you look at the panty bomber case you’ll discover multiple breakdowns in the whole security system. All of this could’ve been avoided if just the simplest profiling would have been used along with a trained K-9!

The Warning Signs…

The boy’s father warned the State Department a month or two earlier stating his son was a radical. The panty bomber showed up with a man who bought his ticket with cash. This ticket was a one way ticket. The panty bomber was going to travel across the globe with no luggage. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, yet this lunatic made it all the way to Detroit, no questions asked! Finally the panty bomber was stopped by passengers.

Then our politically correct, incompetent administration decided to read him his miranda rights within an hour and treat him as a criminal rather than a terrorist and treated as an enemy combatant. The military would have dealt with him swiftly and come up with a resolution.

Now we all have to pay the price for our incompetent administration and transportation security administration. They believe political correctness is more important than good old fashion, “common sense!”

The Simple Solution…

The solution is simple and much cheaper than the current protocol. Simple profiling with a personal interview. A lot can be learned by body language and physiological changes. Metal detectors for hard weapons, which in this day and age are worthless in flight with a few hundred angry groped passengers! Plenty of highly trained K-9s to sniff for explosives, sniffing machines also helpful. This is where the threat is!

What Next?

The sad truth, our current security protocol is way behind! We are only reactive in nature. The radicals are 10-steps ahead. So what will we do when one of these radicals has a surgically implanted device. Will we get an X-Ray or a body cavity search? Where do we draw the line for our incompetent administration and security administration? The political correctness insanity is threatening the security of the people.

Do we do any kind of screening on all the illegal people crossing the border? What are they bringing into this country? What kind of devices and pieces which can be assembled here are they bringing with them?

Rather than tackling issues like this, they have chosen to treat your grandmother and children with invasive body pat-downs and a nude scanning machines and make them feel like terrorists!

Meet Our Enemy…

Another sad reality, there are approximately 1.6 billion Moslems. Of those 1.6 billion, 1% is radical, which equates to 16-million lunatics which despise our way of life and would sacrifice their life in order to change it!

At this time and point, I can’t think of another religion which truly despises our way of life and common sense dictates our primary focus should be in this direction until proven otherwise!

The damage is done! These radicals have won. Any perceived threat which interrupts our way of life means success to them even if nothing happens, as long as fear is present, they have won!

We need to fix this now!

The Seekers Of Truth

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