tanning - The Tanning Hoax!

Scaring people out of the sun is a multibillion-dollar business…

Did you know the average North American beauty magazine contains 21-pages of anti-sun related advertising in every issue?

The American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation and the National Sun Safety Alliance are groups the public perceives to be independent and altruistic. The reality, they have strong ties to the pharmaceutical manufacturers of sunscreen products.

Could it be these organizations receive financial contributions? Maybe some exotic perks for the key executives? Nah! These people are honest and are looking out for our health and well-being!

The power of the sun and vitamin D…

Scientific research has identified, exposure to UV rays actually helps the body create a natural supply of vitamin D.

Many diseases are linked directly to Vitamin D deficiencies. Research has shown Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis benefit tremendously from exposure to the sun. The sun exposure stimulates your body’s natural production of vitamin D which strengthens the bone.

Vitamin D is essential for the prevention of many forms of cancer to include prostate, colon, and breast.

The cancer theory gained traction  in 1980 after Frank and Cedric Garland who were epidemiologists. They were struck by maps showing the rate of colon cancer was about twice as high in the cloudy Northeast as in the Sunbelt.

Researchers are probing links between prostate, breast and ovarian cancers and the correlation of lack of sunshine and vitamin D. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute recently examined the death certificates in 24 states. They found the chances of dying from any of those cancers was reduced by 10 to 27 percent for people in the sunniest areas.

Researchers have known for more than 60-years, many forms of cancer were much less prevalent in sunny parts of the world.

Sunlight Deficiency…

Without sunlight the body will utilize its reserves of vitamin D within a few weeks. Studies show, people living in the Northeast, 20 to 60 percent of those over age 50 have low levels of vitamin D. The elderly tend to be at higher risk because their body’s ability to produce vitamin D is reduced due to aging.

In Finland during the winter, the sun is visible for only a few hours a day. The natives have the world’s highest incidence of Type 1 diabetes.

Natural vitamin D versus synthetic…

Sunlight is the best and only natural source of vitamin D!

Natural vitamin D produced by your body from sunshine is the safest and the most powerful form. Your body has the unique ability to utilize what it needs and de-metabolizes any extra. This is a critical point to remember!

Dietary or supplementary vitamin D may cause the body to over-process calcium which causes a potential health risk. Sunlight induced vitamin D doesn’t have this problem.

Vitamin D experts and many health groups now advocate 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily. This is five to ten times the previous recommendations. You would have to drink a full quart of fortified whole milk every day to attain the current recommendation of vitamin D. This level is now regarded as considerably too low by vitamin D scientists.

The truth of the matter, nobody really knows for sure how much supplementary vitamin D is safe!

Sunscreen and what they forgot to tell you…

Sunscreen with an SPF of 8 reduces vitamin D production to virtually nil.

Many scientists studying cancer have come to conclusion indicating the use of sunscreen chemicals may be increasing the incidence of cancer. Their studies show, sunlight exposure may actually decrease human cancer rates and improve your health.

Scientific research indicates the heavily-used chemical sunscreens may actually increase cancers due to their free radical generating properties. Many commonly used sunscreen chemicals have powerful estrogenic actions. These estrogenic actions may cause serious problems in sexual development and adult sexual function and also may further increase cancer risks. They also have the potential to cause birth defects in children.

Estrogenic sunscreens have been found in the breast milk of mothers. The levels found were nano grams per kilogram of fat. This is the about same level as other known environmental contaminants such as PCBs.

The sunscreen chemicals are synthetic chemicals which are alien to the human body and accumulate in body fat stores.

The human body is well adapted to de-toxify biologicals which it has been exposed to over tens of millions of years. The human body has difficulty removing new and non-biological compounds such chemical sunscreens.

Large amounts of applied sunscreens can enter the bloodstream though your skin. Up to 35-percent of sunscreen applied to the skin can pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream! If you read the label on any of the sunscreens you will notice the manufacture always recommends, “Re-apply frequently.”

Worldwide, the greatest rise in melanoma has been experienced in countries where chemical sunscreens have been heavily promoted  The rise in melanoma has been exceptionally high in Queensland, Australia  where the medical establishment has vigorously promoted the use of sunscreens. By the way, Queensland has the highest rate of Melanoma in the world! Coincidence?

Bottom line…

Evidence indicates, chronic sun exposure may be protective for the development of melanoma due to the skin’s adaption to the sun. The skin becomes thicker as it has tanned.

Stay away from all heavy sunscreens if you value your health!

Use common sense when it comes to tanning! Don’t overdue it to the point of a painful sunburn!

Tanning beds aren’t as dangerous as the establishment would like you to believe! The tanning bulbs are built to exclude harmful rays and are very controlled when compared to the full spectrum of sun light!

Tanned people look healthy because they are! Tanned people look beautiful and have lower incidence of depression and disease!

Pale people look very un-healthy and are disease prone!

The Seekers of Truth

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