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belly - Understanding Fast Fat Loss!

Fast fat loss is easily achievable once you understand the metabolic process.

We have been bombarded with countless diets, magic powders, pills, you name it! Yet nobody has really talked about the metabolic process and how dieting can have a positive or negative effect.

To prove my point, take a look around and tell me if you see any overweight people. I am willing to bet, you see 2 out 3 people overweight. The reality, the numbers aren’t getting any better! The sad part, ask just about anybody and they will tell you they are on some kind of diet.

We are constantly reminded about the benefits of low fat diets, low carb diets etc. Virtually everyone of us have tried some variation of these diets. Sometimes we get results other times we fail.

We all have herd the so called “Experts” speak. With so many experts out there, you would think everybody would be thin. Quite the contrary!  A simple analytical observation leads one to believe, the experts aren’t really sure what really works! Yet the masses follow them blindly in hopes of losing weight only to be met with frustration and failure.

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After 21-years of researching weight loss, it is obvious the problem lies in understanding how the metabolism really works. This is where all the experts have gotten it wrong.

You cannot lose weight using Low Fat Diets. They have been around for more than 15-years and we are surrounded by them, but as you look around, people are getting more overweight as each year passes.  This fact alone should prove to you, being on a low fat diet is not the answer to losing weight.

You won’t lose weight following a Low Calorie Dieting Plan either.  In reality, being on a low calorie diet is the worst thing you can do to your body.  This only slows down your metabolism and turns on your body’s defense mechanism to hoard fat. You will never get slim by starving yourself!

Low carb diets have recently become the rage  over the last few years. They are effective and produce results. The problem with low carb diets, they are very strict. This makes it very difficult for most people to follow. They do have their medical benefits when it comes to diabetes and stabilizing insulin response. They are also beneficial for various other medical conditions.

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One must realize, food is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pill. By not eating the right foods at the right intervals and patterns each day will cause you to become fat.

Your metabolism always adjusts itself based on your caloric intake. If you increase your caloric intake, your metabolism will adjust itself to burn the extra calories. If you decrease your caloric intake as you would on a low calorie diet, your metabolism will adjust to compensate for the lower caloric intake. This is why diets based on calorie restriction don’t work.

The key is to manipulate the metabolism by eating the right combination of foods at the right intervals and patterns each day. Your metabolism in an essence, has a short term memory so to speak. Based on your previous 3-days of meals, your metabolism basically predicts you will be eating these same type of foods in the same combination. It will adjust do to this prediction factor. If you change the type of foods at specific intervals and patterns throughout the day, your metabolism gets confused. This confusion causes your metabolism to go into the “fat burning” mode. This is the secret to fast fat loss! This is what the experts have failed to explain.

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Each time you eat, your brain releases 2-types of hormones. Together these hormones control “fat burning” and “fat storage.” When we manipulate the metabolism, we can control the output of these hormones and increase the “fat burning” hormone. Food has the power to influence these 2-hormones like a switch!

Through calorie shifting, we can totally manipulate the metabolism and turn your body into a “fat burning” machine! Calorie shifting will keep your metabolism confused and force it to produce “fat burning” hormones.

Try it! The results just might shock you!

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Fast Fat Loss

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