War On Easter!

war on easter - War On Easter!

The War on Easter is just another frivolous assault on conservative values. The liberals claim, it is offensive to some. Where is the tolerance the liberals preach? Why is it when it comes to liberal ideology, everybody must be tolerant, but when it comes to conservative values, they are offensive?

The Church should be all over this! Such an important event marking religious history for the believers! Yet we need to bow to the emotionally controlled individuals. Forget logic, reason and common sense.

Now they want to destroy the meaning for all the young impressionable minds. Some how create the illusion, Easter is evil and can hurt somebody’s feelings! Truly disturbed individuals!

Somehow people were convinced, rather than using rational thought, we should make our decisions based purely on emotions. Is it any wonder society has become so emasculated?

Where is the War on Gay Marriage? This truly is offensive to most people! Where is the outrage on the destruction of the sanctity of marriage? The liberals seem to think it was Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve!

The liberals try to convince the people, this is normal behavior. When viewed from a rational stand point, these are emotionally sick individuals. These individuals never could compete for members of the opposite sex due to their fear of rejection and failure! They found it easier and less stressful to stay with the same sex.

Only in America could gay people protest their will on the public. We would like to make a financial contribution and charter a Carnival Cruise Line and ship the protestors to the Middle East to voice their protest. This would make for some interesting YouTube footage! Entertaining to say the least!

Where is the War on Corrupt Politicians? Where is the outrage over Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the other politicians who are systematically dismantling your individual liberties? Where is the outrage over politicians who believe their position is a lifetime career position? The Founding Fathers never envisioned these political seats as a career alternative.

Where is the War on a Nanny State? Since when does the Constitution grant Government the right to dictate how an individual should live? Since when does Government have the right to impose their beliefs on individuals and make laws from them? To believe the Government knows best for the individual is truly delusional thinking!

Where is the War on Taxation? The Founding Fathers never intended for individuals to pay over 50% of their earnings in some form of tax. To work the first 6-months of the year to pay taxes to the Government is truly criminal! Realizing Government is wasteful and irresponsible makes paying taxes even more painful!

Where is the War on Entitlements? Why aren’t people who made it a lifestyle getting handouts being punished? What happened to an individual’s pride and self-worth? To actually believe, getting handouts is ok is a societal failure of epic proportions!

Everybody will fall down at some point in their life. Everybody needs a temporary hand, but to make it a lifestyle is truly criminal and should be punished by lots of community service!

Where is the War on Illegal Immigration? Why should Illegal Immigrants get free housing, free healthcare, free education, free food, drivers license, welfare benefits and treated better than our countries’ own citizens?

Why should Illegal Immigrants be allowed to protest demanding handouts and be glamorized by the liberal media? I dare you to go to Mexico and protest as an Illegal Immigrant and demand all the above mentioned things. See how long you can protest and get away with it without being thrown in a hell hole or becoming an organ donor!

Where is the outrage our money is being used for commercials airing in Mexico, “How to get Food Stamps?” All of this being done to encourage Illegal Immigration to garner the Hispanic vote. Liberals know as a rule of thumb, they will get 60% of the Hispanic vote!

To encourage Illegal Immigration and not demand proof of Citizenship is to the Democrats advantage. Democrats know this will ensure further Government growth and control!

Notice the Government only runs commercials in South America. They won’t spend our money in Europe or other conservative countries! They only want liberal votes!

Where is the War on the Media? The media, as a majority, is liberal and are the mouth piece for the liberals. What once was objective reporting has become totally subjective.

Since the majority of the media is liberal, they repeat false narratives over and over. The ill informed voters, after a constant barrage of lies, believe what they see and hear on a daily basis and tout the liberal line! Truly Evil! A true dereliction of duty by the media!

Where is the War on Unions? The unions are responsible for the demise of manufacturing in this Country. Through constant bargaining for increased wages and benefits, they have put themselves out of business!

Where is the outrage our money is being used to bailout their pensions? In return, they donate money to the Democrat Party for further protection, bailouts and growth?

Where is the War on Regulations? Through a constant barrage of new regulations, inventions, technology and the well being of the human race is stifled! This being done to benefit a few giant conglomerates. This allows them to manipulate and control their market. They fear competition. It will destroy their profit potential. These giants know, a simple payoff to a politician will ensure their market dominance!

Where is the War on Healthcare? Where is the outrage? Obama care will destroy the greatest healthcare system in the World. All of this to insure some 20-million Illegal Immigrants and get their vote?

Why is the Healthcare Industry allowed to hide cures from the public in order for them to profit by prolonged treatments?

Why is Nano Technology being suppressed along with Stem Cell Technology? These Technologies can replace virtually any human organ or body part! This can be done cheaply! Nano Technology can create virtually anything you can imagine through atomic manipulation using Nano-Bots.

Organ transplants are big business which benefit the Medical Facility only! The organ donor doesn’t get 50,000 for a kidney, liver etc. Go figure!

Where is the War on Bankers? The bankers are responsible for the financial demise of this Country! The bankers are making slaves of all who borrow money! Bankers know, once they loan you money, they own you until the debt is paid back. Yes, you are a slave to debt!

Where is the outrage banks pay 1/2% on your savings and then turn around and loan your money at 15%? Where is the outrage banks bet around a half a Quadrillion dollars on derivatives and betting mortgages will default? If this isn’t criminal, I don’t know what is! Where is the outrage after their criminal shenanigans, we bailed them out and they are back at their games?

Where is the War on Environmentalists? These wackos believe humans should suffer. They would rather see farmers lose their farmlands, people suffer do to food shortage and high prices. They would stop all development and human progress if they could have their way. All in the name of saving an insect or fish or some kind of lizard!

Truly delusional thinking! The lunatics apparently haven’t got the memo, dozens of species become extinct on a daily basis through no human contribution. Such lost souls! Yet the liberals love them and count on their votes!

Where is the War on Obesity? You would think the Environmental wackos would be all over this one! Obese people use more natural resources than normal weight people. It costs more to feed them, cloth them, transport them, provide healthcare for them. They cause more wear and tear on furniture, cars, airplanes, trains, floors, carpet. You name it and they can break it!

Where is the outrage when walk into a hospital and look at the employees and you see a bunch of fat nurses, doctors and workers? Yet these people are here to tell us what is healthy and what is not! Truly an insult! Not to mention, obese people signify laziness, low self-esteem and seek satisfaction from caloric intake! Not very pleasant to look at also!

As you can see in this brief synopsis, these are just a fraction of legitimate wars which need to be fought figuratively. Wars fought due to your emotional discomfort have no basis in reality and are mystical in nature!

If War on Easter due to your emotional discomfort is needed to pacify you, we have some recommendations.

We would highly recommend a full Psychiatric Evaluation to explore why your emotions dominate your thoughts and dictate your actions. A full course of pharmaceutical intervention. A course of Electro-Shock Therapy along with some Group Therapy! A Threat Assessment would be in order to see if you are a hazard to yourself or your surroundings.

Then we would need to interview your parents and determine where they failed to instill respect and failed to teach you the decision making process.

If this fails to bring results, we would recommend a visit to the Middle East and spew your emotional nonsense there. This would surely be entertaining and fun to document!

To even contemplate a War on Easter is ludicrous. This is a sacred time for Christians and has deep significance to them. This should be respected regardless of who you are. They are not causing any harm. Let them exercise their Religious Freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution! Your emotional comfort is irrelevant and selfish!

The Seekers Of Truth

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