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Dear Readers:

We apologize for any issues you may have encountered recently!

We have been trying to reconfigure the site for mobil devices including Retina devices.

Things don’t always work as advertised as we have found out!

We have fixed the issue of multiple 404 error pages.  As far as we can tell, all links are functioning properly. You should notice much faster page loads and a streamlined, uncluttered look. We have purchased some new tools to help. No, we didn’t go to Home Depot!

We hope you enjoy the new look and spend lots of time reading our controversial posts.

Some of the videos will need to be reloaded since the original sites which hosted the videos are no longer operating. We are trying to find a new home for them.

We will be trying out some new ways to present these controversial issues to our loyal 75,000+ readers and growing:) So lookout for some new and exciting things! We are sure more feathers will be ruffled in the process!

We welcome your feedback as usual as long as the comments aren’t spam! We despise SPAM!



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