welfare - Welfare Benefit Cuts!

Nearly 41,000 Michiganders are being cutoff from Welfare Benefits!

You have reached your limit…

Their 48-month cumulative lifetime limit has been reached. It is a reform many Michigan residents are happy to see which recently was enacted. Republican legislative leaders noted Michigan was among three states which didn’t have a time limit on welfare.

Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri have five-year limits. Indiana has a 24-month limit, but only for adults, children’s benefits have no time cap.

Safety net is wore out…

The welfare system was intended as a safety net, not a long-term solution as many of the State’s recipients believe it should be! The sad reality, more than 30-percent of the people affected by this change have been receiving benefits 10-years or more. “Talk about abuse of the system and now we are suppose to feel bad for them!”

You still get food…

However, Michigan will still provide food assistance and Medicaid for those who need it. Unfortunately, we have a bunch of abusers who take their food stamps and sell them to raise cash to supply their bad habits. I can at anytime buy 200.00 worth of stamps for 50.00 on the high side. Where is the outrage? Why aren’t the bleeding hearts screaming about children being deprived of food?

Ah! The free money…

Unfortunately, many people enjoy this dependent lifestyle! They believe the hardworking people should support them! Michigan offers job training programs which are available through DHS to break this addiction. There are plenty of State programs and grants which these welfare recipients have access to! Four-years is plenty of time to get assistance and learn a new skill! If you refuse to rise up then don’t expect compassion! You are a burden on Society!

I’m suing…

Now we have all kinds of groups trying to sue the State of Michigan to stop the State from cutting off payments to recipients who have been milking the system for over 4-years. Michigan is on the verge of Bankruptcy! Where is the State suppose to get the money?

Yes, it’s fair…

We believe the new Law enacted by Michigan is a fair one! We also believe the Law doesn’t go far enough! We believe welfare recipients should be drug tested on a random basis and should do some form of community service 2-days a week. This would help break the abuse and maybe some new skills learned!

Liability or Asset…

Don’t get us wrong! We are compassionate, but after 4-years of support and you choose to be a liability rather than an asset, then don’t expect compassion from us!

The Seekers Of Truth

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