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Women In Combat


Women In Combat?

Women in combat is not a good idea!

What liberal nut job come up with this idea? Why must they always try to prove something? Why must this fight for equality persist?

In reality, we are totally different! Always have been and always will! This is a fact! You don’t have to agree, but then most people don’t deal with and see reality as it truly is!

Our genetic composition is different. Our physiological bodies are different. Our mental makeup totally different and unique in every way! This is the result of Nature!

Yet like fools, liberals for the most part, believe we can beat, out smart and out compete Nature. They try to violate the natural order because of some emotional, irrational notion of equality!

Yes, we are equal in that we are human beings. After this basic understanding, Nature divides us and makes us unique. Nature is perfect by design. Humans are not!

In Nature there is virtually perfect balance. If there isn’t, Nature quickly corrects the in-balance! Nature doesn’t allow weakness, obesity, being gay, gay adoptions or equality. Nature by design, only allows the strong to survive and repopulate. The weak become prey and parish. This is necessary in order for the specie to survive and to become genetically superior.

We as humans operate exactly the opposite in almost every way without realizing the repercussions which await us! We allow emotions to control everything! It is like a drug.  The political puppet masters know it and use it to control the masses. Like fools, you follow and never question.

Rather than allow rational and objective thoughts guide us, we have become
an emotional dysfunctional society. We allow emotions to dictate our actions without any rational basis in reality. We are led to believe it is noble to cater to the weak. The politicians love to manipulate you with altruistic notions.

There is no higher cause than the individual. The individual’s Right to be free, romantic love and prosperity. To intellectually grow and produce value for others. In return, be justly compensated in direct proportion to the values created.

Each individual is responsible for their destiny! It is not the Government’s or societies’ role to protect the weak! This is weakening us and destroying us. Using emotions to guide us is destroying our very nature of who we are! To many, this is the path of least resistance.

History has shown, emotions and altruism have destroyed Empires and societies. Yet in modern times we are following the same path.

Is it any wonder why society has become so emasculated? Why political correctness is so popular? Why it is so easy to use emotions to control you! It is true insanity and when viewed rationally and objectively!

All humans are equal on a certain level. All humans can do certain tasks equally. To try to prove this point from an emotionally basis is just shear stupidity to say the least!

Does it make any logical sense to have my mother (God Rest Her Soul) jump out of a C-130 over the ocean, at night, with a Seal Team to do a black ops mission? Hell no! Could she have done it? Well maybe! Is there any rational, objective reason to have my mother out there proving she can do it as an equal? Hell no!

Everything in Nature has its place and so do humans. We need to evolve to a higher plain. We do not need to regress through emotional control and dysfunction!

I will concede, if you are gay, obese, unattractive and no family, have at it! Join a platoon of alike women. Just don’t mix with our Special Ops Teams.

The Seekers Of Truth

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